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Re: [GZG] Armoured utility vehicles and IEDs in SG/DS

From: "Tom B" <kaladorn@g...>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:11:50 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] Armoured utility vehicles and IEDs in SG/DS

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isn't just the detonating of mines through ground pressure - modern
have initiators that include sonic (trust me, a GEV will set one off)
electromagnetic sensors of various sorts (could be grav sensors in the
future). If you can put a grav sensor on a single chip as a sealed unit
cheap, you can easily make anti-grav mines.

I'm not sure if mines use any sort of self-forging penetrator, but if
do, GEV fans are at risk. If they use an EMP pulse as a payload, GEVs
Grav vehicles may be at risk. Some sort of anti-grav field mine may also
feasible (lord knows, in ST the warp drive was always overloading or
back or something).

This doesn't even touch on off-route mines that attack like IAVRs or
That's a whole separate discussion. Or bio-organic mines that folks the
Savasku might use.

Back to vehicle design:

Mine resistance to a straightforward pile of HE in your typical current
(even allowing for shaped charges from some more advanced sources) is
just an explosive threat (I believe... someone in the know can shoot
down). If you start having other sorts of threats, your V-hull and
seats won't help you much.

Up-armouring will help against IEDs and RPGs. Of course, then you run
the question of whether a HMMWV or Gelandenwagen is size 2 and if not,
you can fit class 2 armour on it.

The thing about a Grav Tank (inference from the SG2 rules on
hits) is that hull armour, which is all over equal thickness armour in
canonical SG/DS, protects the suspension parts. That's a pretty good
even against self-forging penetrators. Might not help vs. EMP but maybe
backup systems would. In this respect, among others, Grav would be the
technology of choice when you could get it to the battlefield.

If you were using what I'll call advanced grav (a la Traveller) that can
fly, then your grav vehicle and VTOL merge and become a whoppingly
armed flying wrecking machine. They can self-deploy to and from orbit in
many cases and have a lot of armour protecting key systems. Of course,
is not GZG style grav, which is more like Luke's Landspeeder. But even
gives you all the mobility advantages of AC without perhaps the issues
hills (not sure, but I figure not) and a lot safer vs. various
bottom-attacking mines.

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