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Re: [GZG] And now for something completely different...

From: "Robert Mayberry" <robert.mayberry@g...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 20:04:39 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] And now for something completely different...


Quick question:

This was a fantastic post. Do you organize your DS army similarly to
your SG army? That is, for example, if you use your PA squads as fast
recon support for your line infantry, do you have mixed squads in your
DS games also (ie an element of PA attached to infantry platoons
rather than separate platoons of each)?

How many people use the same force organization in both games?

Robert Mayberry

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Tom B <> wrote:
> Well, I'm maybe a bad example. For the most part, if Jon made it in
> 25mm and it wasn't silly (and sometimes even if it was), I bought it.
> About the only parts of the SG line I balked at were the all-female
> Scanfed troops (was there some sort of male genocide?) and the OUDF
> weebles (PA). I'm up to around 1000 painted figures now and have about
> 60 vehicles in various stages of production. My unpainted lead count
> is probably at about 200 or so in GZG stuff and another few hundred in
> fantasy.
> But, stepping aside from my insanity, here's one way to think of it:
> A good game in SG2 seems to require at least a platoon on each side.
> If you want to include multiple players bank on 2-3 manouver elements
> per player. This can mean splitting squads into fireteams to get
> there, if you are going figure light, but less than about 3 manouver
> elements and you don't get much involvement.
> So # of players x 3 = manouver element count. Smaller player counts
> can play like they were larger ones if they want more to do and a
> longer game.
> So, if I need to field enough for a 4 player game, 2 per side, that
> suggests 6 manouver elements per side (assume meeting engagement -
> balance accordingly changes for static defense/assault). That could be
> 4 x infantry squads + 2 support vehicles (1 platoon of infantry + a
> couple of vehicles). If you want to play a bit bigger, go for a
> platoon of infantry with APCs and a couple of other support elements -
> a PA squad or a tank or MGS. That would put your total commitment for
> such a game to:
> 4 x infantry squads (1 of which is command)
> 4 x MICV/APC
> 1 x tank/tank destroyer/MGS/AT missile launcher
> 1 x PA squad or gunship or something interesting
> Get something roughly the same for the other force, you've got a good
> evening of gaming. So you need two different types of infantry of at
> least platoon strength (ideally with commander types, heavy weapons,
> snipers etc so you can vary a bit), some APCs (two varieties), some
> other vehicles or PA and you're done.
> Looking at the initial army list provided:
> 3 Scout Cars - could substitute for APCs in support of an infantry
> 3 Light Hover Tanks - one or two of these could fill in the 'support'
> roles on one side.
> 3 combat walkers - ditto on the other side
> 2-3 platoons of infantry - good, but if they're all one force, you
> need to get some different ones from another force.
> So, it seems you've got most of a good basic game present. Add some
> enemy force infantry and you're there.
> From there:
> - APCs/MICVs or Trucks (most infantry are mechanized or motorized)
> - Some PA squads (your heavy hitters and fast reaction guys)
> - a VTOL or two (easy to throw in on either side if they don't have
> one sides insignia all over them)
> - Some hover jeeps (the GZG hover jeep/closed cab is a fantastic
> generic utility or light armed vehicle)
> After that:
> More infantry of different nations. Open out collections of
> MICVs/APCs/Tanks for each nation and paint accordingly.
> Things like mortars, auto GL teams, artillery vehicles, TOCs, etc. all
> tend to fit within the broadening of game range and scenario options.
> So do marksmen.
> And then, there are the KraVak. You honestly can't have the GZGverse
> without some Kravak. Not only are they fun at parties, but they have
> some cool figure sculpts and vehicles.
> And then and then and then... always more stuff and you Scalist
> Heretics (ie 15mm folk) are getting all the new sculpts so any cool
> new things that come out will be for you.
> 25mm is like the Squats of the gaming scale. Some scales went up and
> charge $8 a figure, some scales went down and got lots of bang for the
> buck. Jon clearly recognizes that good work can be done in 15mm and
> people get good value for the money and can buy lots of toys to go on
> the table.
> So, there you have my wisdom.
> TomB
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