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Re: [GZG] And now for something completely different...

From: "Robert Mayberry" <robert.mayberry@g...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 16:11:35 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] And now for something completely different...

I'm only just building my SG force now-- I have had a large DS force
for quite a while. I'm also starting a new force, based on totally
different assumptions.

For the L-O force, I started with buying a few key figures, because I
was still getting my feet wet. Once I had a sense of what was out
there, I planned and then bought my DS force. I took a three phase
approach. In phase I, I bought critical core units (infantry and APC's
in this case, since in my background the force didn't make heavy use
of tanks). Then, once I had a small, basic force, sufficient for most
small scenarios, I started to build up my peripheral and support
units: specialists like Infantry Walkers for use in orbital
insertions, engineering and logistics units, artillery, CB radar
vehicles, etc. Then in Phase III, I bulked out my army with another
good dollop of core units.

Now I'm buying, slowly, an SG unit to match its DS equivalent. Again,
I'm starting with core, but this time I'll only have one or two
example vehicles of each type of support unit, since SG scenarios are
light on vehicles. If I can get modular turrets to swap around to
create the illusion of a larger force, even better. I've been
hamstrung by the lack of direct 15mm equivalents to the Future Wars
and Dirtside vehicles I have. Depending on my timing and what Mr.
Tuffley has in the pipeline, I might look to Old Crow or Combat Wombat
for close substitutes.

Meanwhile, I'm starting a new army. Here I'm starting in SG scale and
moving to DS. I'm being more cautious to buy figures available in both
6mm and 15mm scales. Once I have a core platoon or two of infantry,
APCs and a couple tanks, I'll buy that core in DS scale, and then
start getting support units.

In both cases, I plan my force out from the beginning, then buy core
general units first, then later get the peripheral units that you only
find in certain scenarios. An APC appears all the time in SG games. A
heavy artillery vehicle does not.


On 7/10/08, <> wrote:
> Not really, but it seemed like a good title considering how focused
the list
> has been on certain topics...
> My question is more to the hobby aspect of GZG gaming. I have been
> around building forces in 15mm and seem to have done a lot of adhoc
> purchases that form nothing in particular. What strategies have folks
> in assembling forces and keeping on track.
> So far I have the following -
> 3 hover scout cars
> 3 light hover tanks
> 3 combat walkers
> 2-3 platoons of mid-tech infantry (AR, RPG, SAW)
> I have more possible additions but these are what I have ready to play
of my
> own sci-fi forces. I've mostly been playing with others minis up until

Robert Mayberry

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