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Re: [GZG] Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 08:12:24 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

>From Full Thrust (2nd ed rules), page 44:
>"Although the game will work perfectly well using counters or other 
>markers to represent starships..."
>And page 45:
>"On page 47 you will find a set of counters that represent the ships 
>used in the Introductory Scenario, [...] The ship counters in 
>particular can look very effective if the white ship outlines are 
>then coloured in, perhaps with one of the fluorescent highlighter 
>pens. [...]"
>Just a data point. :-)
>That particular rulebook was published a long time ago before the 
>current range of models was available. GW did the same thing with 
>it's intro version in WD of battlefleet gothic until it introduced 
>the model line.
>If GZG did a GW and released a FT3 boxed set with the rules and a 
>couple of fleet packs There would be no need to mention carboard 
>The fact that you have to go back 10 years to find a counter example 
>kind of supports my argument.

I don't want to get too drawn into this thread, but felt that I had 
to just point this out; from our newly-published (April 2008) FULL 

It is possible to play Full Thrust with card counters representing 
the starships, but for the full miniatures gaming experience you'll 
ideally want models. Our extensive FULL THRUST miniatures line can 
provide you with everything you need, but you can also use models 
from any other manufacturers.

I think that, given the fact that (like GW) we survive on miniatures 
sales, that is about as fair as we can afford to be!  ;-)

Oh, and as to a boxed set with rules and fleets - our FT INTRO PACK 
gives you exactly that - well, not a fancy box, but for £25 you get 
two 8-ship fleets and a free copy of the FT LIGHT rules complete with 
ready-prepared SSD sheets to pick-up-and-play.....

I'm quite ambivalent about the whole GW situation. On one hand they 
have the same problems	as us on a very much larger scale, in that 
they are primarily a miniatures company and must keep selling new 
minis to survive, but on the other hand a lot of folks don't like the 
WAY they go about doing that, with successive rules changes 
invalidating whole armies (in some cases) and FORCING their players 
to buy the new stuff if they wish to keep gaming in their "official" 
environment. It often seems more of a  "stick" than a "carrot" 
approach, and that annoys some people a lot, hence the vehement 
reactions you'll often see.
We (GZG) keep releasing new minis too, but we don't tell people that 
they can't use their old ones in our games any more - we just make 
the new ones as nice as we can and hope that it tempts people into 
buying them even if they already have some of our old stuff.

I suppose you could use an analogy of car manufacturers - if you have 
a ten-year-old car, the industry will try everything they can to 
tempt you into buying a new 2008 model - but they won't (or at least 
can't) tell you that you MUST buy the shiny 2008 model because you 
won't be allowed to drive your 1998 clunker on the roads anymore.

I've already said more on this thread than I intended to, so I'll 
stop now.....  ;-)

Jon (GZG)

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