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Re: [GZG] Multi-level rules sought.

From: Adrian1 <al.ll@t...>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 22:17:39 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] Multi-level rules sought.

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want to give priority to the Stargrunt end of the game.  If I have a 
company of experienced stargrunt troops that have a good bit of history 
to them, I want them to be able to compete in the upper levels without 
their entire existance relying on the roll of one die.

At Dirtside level, the company could be tasked with taking or guarding a

village while the rest of the army fights all over the field.  When 
others are dealt with normally, I would like to zoom in on my company to

Stargrunt it, so to speak.

At Full Thrust level, they could be tasked with a boarding action.  
While the fleets clash normally, you zoom in on the company action using

deck plans, etc so they can take or lose the ship in a more personal

I can see major problems with this idea since it would require you to 
stop the higher level game while you ran a skirmish level game, however 
I'm sure a GM could make something work.

I don't have a problem with losing troops or PCs at skirmish level since

that is part of the game, howvever losing a full company to a single die

roll irritates me).  I would opt to convert a Dirtside armoured  
battalion to Stargrunt level and let my company get wiped out that way 
since at least they have some chance.

I know it makes for a complicated game but its not like I'm in a rush.

J L Hilal wrote:
> --- Adrian1 <> wrote:
>> What I'm looking for is someones attemp at comnbining the three
>> of GZG universe rules.
>> I would like to know  what relationship there is between full Thrust,

>> Dirtside and Stargrunt units so I can engage in a "role-playing" 
>> campaign where a company of stargrunt troops try not to get
>> by an unlucky die roll in Full Thrust.
>> While I could probably do it myself, I'd rather leave it to "the 
>> committee"  so there is some kind of average.
> The answer to that depends on exactly what you are asking.  If you are
> specifically for the GZG-universe, then that is already available in
> conversion rules in More Thrust.  If, on the other hand, you are
looking for
> something more generic, either for your own setting or for something
else like
> B5, SW, ST(any), BSG, HH, or whatever, then you have to be aware that
the GZG
> setting (and conversion system) has really tiny space ships (1 MASS =
> Ground fores (and fighters) therefor take up a lot of MASS in the
> conversions.	The GZG background is designed around really small
ground forces
> The sample Assault Transport in FB1 has a total of 32 MASS for both
troops and
> vehicles.
> For example, a modern US LHD or LPD amphib would be a TMF 350-400 FT
ship based
> on tonnage, and use 40 MASS just to barrack its 2000 marines, not
including the
> LCACs, AAVs, helicopters, Harriers, Ospreys, or ground vehicles like
tanks and
> LAVs.  Similarly, a Nimitz-type supercarrier converts to TMF 900-1000.
> For Sci-fi examples, the MT conversion is barracks for 50 troops = 1
MASS.  The
> B5 episode "Gropos" had 25,000 troops (500 MASS for barracks) plus
> VTOL gunships, assault shuttles, etc. on 1 Nova-class destroyer and 5
> ships.
> Conversion based on tonnage makes Kirk's Enterprise (movies) ~ TMF
2000, and
> Enterprise-D ~ TMF 50,000
> Conversion based on tonnage makes Honor Harrington LACs ~ TMF 400, DDs
> 800, and SDNs ~ TMF 80,000.  Havenite Longstop-class fast assault
transport ~
> TMF 60,000.
> Try building (FB system) a Star Destroyer including the ground legion
> troops, 20xAT-AT, 30xAT-ST), assault transports, assault shuttles,
> Obviously, these settings need a different conversion factor, perhaps
1 MASS =
> 1000t, 2000t, 5000t, or 10,000t, and then multiply the ground troops
> by a corresponding factor (x10, 20, 50 or 100).  This will allow you
to pack
> more troops onto your transports.
> J
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