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Re: [GZG] ESU ships names (Look from the Russian side)

From: Тимофей Потапенко <potapenkoteo@m...>
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2008 10:52:28 +0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] ESU ships names (Look from the Russian side)

> >> Given that the ESU is more or less an amalgamation of Russia and
China, how do you think the Chinese influence would be best presented in
ship naming conventions? Follow what you outlined in your post?
> >>	 
> >
> > [...] for Chinese ships, I tend to use Chinese words. E g: "Hun
Tibet" (Red Tibet), "T'hen Hong Kong" (Communist Hong Kong), "Marshal
Pan Dah Huay" (he was a famous military leader of there Civil War, so,
it's a good name for "Voroshilov"-class cruiser), "Tunchi Chou En Lai"
(Comrade Chou En Lai, he was a high-ranked revolutionary, not a bad
candidate to call a battlecruiser after).
> >   
> Well, if you're going to use Communist ship-naming conventions,
> just /have/ to be an entire class named "The East Is Red" and only 
> distinguished by their hull numbers... :-D
> Phil, who always wanted to take a trip on TEIR #33 after seeing it in
> TV documentary... ;-)

Well, you are right in general. Neither in Russian, nor in Chinese
modern navies words like "Kiev-class carrier" doesn't make any sence.
Classes there are marked just numbers. Navies say "660th project" and it
might mean an attack submarine, while "671th project" might be a missile
And yes, even biggest subs normally have no names in Russian Navy, and
ships lighter than destroyers has also normally got only numbers. So is
in China.

But it's far not interesting for game purpose. Besides numbers, there
ARE also names. And I would suppose, that if navy (space navy) had more
significance, than ground force, system would change. Even for
propaganda purpose it's much better to write about victories of ships
with loud and proud names, than with numbers. And it's also good for
psychological climate onboard, when crewmen refer themselve to a common
name, than to just a number. 

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