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[GZG] ESU ships names (Chinese side)

From: Robert N Bryett <rbryett@g...>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 12:12:03 +1000
Subject: [GZG] ESU ships names (Chinese side)

Technically, there is no "Chinese People's Navy". Land, sea and air  
forces of the People's Republic of China (PRC) are all branches of  
the unified Zhōngguó Rénmín Jiěfàng Jūn (Literally, Chinese  
People's Liberation Army, but usually rendered in English as just  
People's Liberation Army or PLA). The naval branch is the Zhōngguó  
Rénmín Jiěfàngjūn Hǎijūn (usually rendered in English as  
People's Liberation Army Navy or PLAN). The air-force similarly is  
the Zhōngguó Rénmín Jiěfàngjūn Kōngjūn, or People's  
Liberation Army Air-force (PLAAF). Literally speaking, hǎijūn  
translates as sea-army or sea-military, and kōngjūn as air-army or  
air-military, so a more natural translation *would* be Chinese	
People's Liberation Navy and Airforce respectively. I suppose the  
word "army" is inserted in the conventional English name to emphasise  
the unified command structure, but that's just a guess. It would be  
quite reasonable for the ESU to call its armed forces the People's  
Liberation <force-name> in whatever languages it uses.

Tibet is not a Chinese word (or a Tibetan one) so I don't think it's  
likely that the ESU would include it in a ship name. The Chinese name  
for the region called Tibet in English is Xīzàng (I phrased that  
carefully, no flames please).

Chou En-Lai (nowadays usually Romanised as Zhou Enlai) would indeed  
be a good name for a warship. Not only a successful revolutionary and  
military commander, but subsequently Premier and Foreign Minister of  
the People's Republic.

There is a good resource here: 
Chinesenames.html on Mandarin Names For Gamers. By the way, when I  
use the term "Chinese" to refer to language, or give romanised forms  
of "Chinese" words, I'm referring only to Standard Mandarin. I'm  
assuming that will be the official language of the Chinese parts of  
the ESU as it is that of the PRC today.

Best regards, Robert Bryett

On 05/04/2008, at 19:18 , Тимофей Потапенко wrote:

> But Chinese People's Navy was started by Soviet spesialists in  
> Stalinist time (they didn't have any warsips or navies of there own  
> to that time), and, as far as I know, they follow Soviet-stalinist  
> naval tradition.<SNIP> But for Chinese ships, I tend to use Chinese  
> words. E g: "Hun Tibet" (Red Tibet), "T'hen Hong Kong" (Communist  
> Hong Kong), "Marshal Pan Dah Huay" (he was a famous military leader  
> of there Civil War, so, it's a good name for "Voroshilov"-class  
> cruiser), "Tunchi Chou En Lai" (Comrade Chou En Lai, he was a high- 
> ranked revolutionary, not a bad candidate to call a battlecruiser  
> after).

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