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Re: [GZG] Opposed roll randomness (Was: [SG3]: What if?)

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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 01:55:07 +0000
Subject: Re: [GZG] Opposed roll randomness (Was: [SG3]: What if?)

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think, in simple terms, the difference is that the die with more sides
has more effective results.  Highest number attainable on a D6 is 6. 
You roll a D8, sure the results are random, but your upper limit is
greater to you can generally count on that unit performing better

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From: Robert N Bryett <> 

> I don't understand this comment. The random "mechanic" in SGII is an 
> *opposed* roll, so isn't the result the *difference* between the 
> rolls, not the rolls themselves? In this context, I don't see how the 
> performance of either set of troops involved in an opposed roll can 
> be called more predictable than the other. Is the theory simply that 
> more sides on the die automatically equals less predictability? 
> The chances of a d8 rolling a higher, equal or lower number than a d6 
> are what they are (56.25%, 12.5% and 31.25% respectively I think, 
> though I'm no mathematician), and I don't understand how there can be 
> any difference in the predictability of those odds depending on which 
> "side" of the roll you happen to be. 
> Best regards, Robert Bryett 
> On 30/01/2008, at 19:27 , Samuel Penn wrote: 
> > Which brings me to my peeve of the randomness of the die mechanic. 
> > Good troops are less predictable in their results than poor troops. 
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