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[GZG] Re: Strange Geopolitical

From: Scott Siebold <gamers@a...>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 14:50:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [GZG] Re: Strange Geopolitical

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On 8/25/06, Scott Siebold wrote:
> Would the French national airlines ever
> let Boing win a contract to purchase aircraft?

They already have. Air France runs a fair number of Boeing aircraft.
  Does France subsidise the building of US plants in France?

>Parts of Boeing aircraft are produced in Japan (among other places) -
do you
>also worry what might happen to Boeing a/c in USAF inventory if Japan
>objects to some hypothetical future actions of the USA?
  Does Japan subsidize the building of US plants in Japan?

>I didn't bother looking it up, but I imagine the French Air Force runs
>North-American-produced products too - C-130 Hercs would be an obvious
>Now, can we go back to discussing things without anti-French trolling,

  If you read what I wrote it isn't anti-French so much as dumb US
  A plant subsidized by US government in Alabama will mean a net gain of
  in Alabama with equal job loss in other states (major plants for Boing
are in
  Washington state). Throw in the parts and sub assemblies that do not
  in US and it results in a net job loss in the US payed for by US
  That various governments in EU wish to subsidize Air Bus I can live
with. That the
  US government also may subsidize Airbus is a bit too much.

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