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[GZG] [DS2] Tracked AFVs, APCs, MICVs, etc. in DS 2

From: Glenn Wilson <warbeads@y...>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 12:37:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [GZG] [DS2] Tracked AFVs, APCs, MICVs, etc. in DS 2

Trying to sort out 1) What Future Wars vehicles are
tracked - the Dirtside Series don't seem to include
Tracked vehicles and 2) which oes have pictures


a)the <insert phrase>cat series (Simcat, Sycat,
Wolfcat, Myecat, Lascat, Sencat, Helcat and Milcat???)
clearly is tracked (Thanks Eureka Web site for that) 

b) GZG catalogue shows pictures of Jupiter and Nova
tracked MBTs plus Talos ultrahevy (and tracked APCs
Cobra and Copperhead) c) Eureka mentions Triton MBT,
Megatron, Ultratron and Plutron (in addition to
Antron) Super Heavies - how do these differ? Defensor
AA is

Unclear if Deimos series is ever tracked.

Anyone capable by picture or description or who can
clarify if any other tracked Future Wars or Dirtside
AFVs (MBT, APC, AA, Engineer, etc.) exist please
expand my knowledge of tracked vehicles from GZG.

2) Having (pending USPS EVER actually delivering my
Brigade Models order and the Fortress Games order) my
GEV/GRAV (latter very select) forces should be
complete. That means that my Battalions (well 6 of 8,)
my Rapid reaction "Force" (Company +) and my two
'independent' (specialist) Companies will be
essentially complete. What I want to do now is expand
my forces with units capable of action in Light
Woods/Mountainous/Hilly/Rough/Cultivated/Light Scrub
Terrain as well as the more GEV friendly Swamps/Open
terrain (Dense Woods? That's what Walkers (Infantry
and Combat/Transport) plus PA are for, amigos.)

I would think a lot of action in colonial settings
would occur outside
Open/Swamp or Light Scrub/Hills where GEV and GRAV can
equal or better mobility then Tracked/HMW.

GRAV actually has better mobility in Rough or
cultivated too but units actually based regularly in
the colonies would not in my mind be the 'elite' GRAV
equipped units as a rule unless the colony was vital
for some reason. GRAV would be the Strike forces or
the Naval
Landing Party or some other situation then simple
garrrison forces in my mind. 

Simple costs ($ or 'points') would make many colonial
forces GEV at best with a fair amount of tracked/HMW

I want my tracked units to grow in a more logical
order then my GEV forces did so any details which
would help me decide 'which' vehicles to buy would be

I sold off the Hodgepodge AFVs I owned before and I
want to recreate a more 'coherent' set of Battalions
to replace those in the future.

  Glenn Wilson

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