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[GZG] Re: Fighter Fixes and Missile Debate

From: DOCAgren@a...
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 20:05:08 EDT
Subject: [GZG] Re: Fighter Fixes and Missile Debate

Gzg-l mailing list, I will admit
that I've stayed out of this because my group is still 
happy with the current fighter & missile rules.   But I noticed when
the Beta test rules.

Evading for Fighters.	I think this is something fighter shoud be able
to do 
without burning combat endurance, reasoning for my thoughts.   Fighter,
move up 36 for Normal or 48 for Fast fighters a turn.	I would assume
these fighter should be able to "Duck and Weave" easy especial when
don't build velocities from turn to turn.   Now while I have no issis
with a B4 
able to hit a fighter at out to 48mu, I do have a problem with that same
able to hit more then 1 1 mass craft.	If U can spread fire over a mass
1 or 
mass 1.5 (Large Fighters [non-FB2.5 rules]) then why can't I spread fire

[aka=overkill power] over other targets after the 1st ship is destroyed.
  Now I have 
no issue with the PDS, killing multi small craft or fighters as that how
are designed to work, but Beams should be limited to 1 target ship/small

craft/ or fighters.   Also, I would like to see the fighter Morale Rules
and for those whose Fighters are "Computer Drones" [aka not effected by 
morale] a simple fix, make them easier to hit by 1.   After all these
fighters are 
not concerned about their survival.

On the current Salvo Missile debate, I don't look at them as a Guided 
Missile, but as a WWII Torpedo where U fire it and hope U get fire
solution correct.  
 If U want a Guided Missile, use the Heavy Missile.

Well that my $0.02...


Just a Lurker here on the Digest, But maybe I have a good idea or 2..

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