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RE: [GZG] Re: Fighter Fixes and Missile Debate

From: "Star Ranger" <dean@s...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 20:55:51 -0500
Subject: RE: [GZG] Re: Fighter Fixes and Missile Debate

> Evading for Fighters.  I think this is something fighter should be
> to do without burning combat endurance, reasoning for my thoughts.
> Fighter, can move up 36 for Normal or 48 for Fast fighters a turn.
> I would assume that these fighter should be able to "Duck and Weave"
> easy especial when Fighters don't build velocities from turn to turn.

But they why wouldn't a ship evade at max every turn?  The PSB is that
types of erratic movement needed to evade is similar to the extreme
needed to attack or dogfight, so it burns one or more CEF and now it
the player to choose, evade and burn CEF but make sure the fighters get
their target but with less CEF left for attacking, or take your chances
loosing fighters but if they do make it to their target, they have lots
CEF left for multiple attacks.

Choices and decision points are something FT lacks compared to other
and this set of choices add some nice tactics to the games I have used

> Now while I have no issis with a B4 able to hit a fighter at out to
> I do have a problem with that same B4, able to hit more then 1 1 mass
> craft.  If U can spread fire over a mass 1 or mass 1.5 (Large Fighters
> [non-FB2.5 rules]) then why can't I spread fire [aka=overkill power]
> over other targets after the 1st ship is destroyed.  Now I have no
> with the PDS, killing multi small craft or fighters as that how they
> designed to work, but Beams should be limited to 1 target ship/small
> or fighters.

I see beam weapons as firing many, many shots during a turn (15 minutes
so) or at least sweeping an area so hitting multiple fighters fits how I
it, fighters in a group staying close enough together to get hit.  Small
ships on the other hand don't stay that close to each other (due to
interference etc) so they don't have a chance to get hit by the same
A pulse torpedo on the other hand is a single concentrated blast, so it
and massively kills a single fighter, if it hits.

> On the current Salvo Missile debate, I don't look at them as a Guided
> Missile, but as a WWII Torpedo where U fire it and hope U get fire
> correct.  If U want a Guided Missile, use the Heavy Missile.

One of the complaints I had heard of the original Full Thrust was the
of weapons that make a player maneuver.  The Heavy Missile and later the
Salvo Missile did show up (with more later) so players have to consider
in their movement, weather they are fired that turn or not.  I would not
like to see them changed to a direct fire mechanic and loose their
to effect players movement choices.

Dean Gundberg

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