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[GZG] Heavy missile questions.

From: Robert N Bryett <rbryett@m...>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 14:38:47 +1000
Subject: [GZG] Heavy missile questions.

Thanks for the interesting responses.

 >>>>is your design more appropriate to 2.5 or beta 3?<<<<

As I said in my original note, we're working with 2.5, and I'm just  
trying to resolve the issues arising from the collective amnesia  
about heavy missiles that apparently afflicted FT between MT and FB1 :)

 >>>>I predict, though, that you'll find the HMs feel more like  
launching a couple of Exocets instead of the "six HUNDRED missiles"  
that Weber is enamoured of.<<<<

Heh... I think David Weber puts an extra zero or two on the end of  
every number, whether it's vessel length, fleet size, missile salvos  
or whatever. We have no intention of trying to simulate the "HH  
Hailstorm (TM)" of missiles; it's just the idea of long range heavy  
missiles that seems to have fired my young captains' imagination.

 >>>>see if the heavy missile rules listed at the bottom of http:// help<<<<

They are definitely helpful. If this is the likely FT3 direction, I  
think that's what we'll go with, but on first reading:

1. The movement system makes sense, giving the missile the "element  
of surprise" in its launch move, but allowing fighter interception  

2. The EMP warhead version seems pointless. With only one endurance  
point, it presumably has a range of 18mu, while costing 2 mass and 6  
points. A Class 2 EMP Beam battery apparently costs the same, has a  
longer range, has higher damage potential with re-rolls, AND can fire  
more than once per game. Or am I missing something?

It also seems a pity that the "EMP Beam mechanism" makes PDS immune  
from damage. I was toying with the idea of using EMP warheads as ARMs  
to push back a target's point defence, but that is obviously  
precluded. We haven't played with EMP weapons yet, but making anti- 
ship weapon FCS vulnerable to EMP while the FCS built into PDS is  
immune seems a bit arbitrary and "gamey".

3. We haven't played any of the alien races yet, so maybe I'm missing  
something, but I'm not generally keen on one-shot guaranteed-kill  
weapons such as the Kra'Vak Scattergun PDS appears to be against an  
incoming missile. On the other hand, those Scatterguns *are* single- 
shot weapons, so it might be tactically interesting to burn them off  
with salvos of missiles before attacking with fighters. I'm not sure  
how easy it would be actually to hit a KV ship in the first place  

4. The Misericorde version could ruin your whole day :)

Best regards, Robert Bryett

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