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Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:56:25 +1000

I'm surprised the link still works (as my provider changed the path).
Still haven't fixed all the links (well, any of the links) from my new
frontpage yet.

Keep in mind that this was written a *long* time before FMA Skirmish was
known to exist.

It has a very "classic traveller" feel when played, as the average
has about a 20% chance of dying without armour if hit and a second hit
often kill them.

Stats = SG/DS Quality die
Skills = SG/DS FP die

So each time you roll a skill, you roll two die (even if one of them may
a d1 if unskilled/minimal skilled.

The skill side is very sketchy as it is expanded from the combat system.
However it has flexibility in how you want to run your game.  The harder
task, the bigger the target die used.

Wounds = physique die type (so d6 = 6 wounds).	This die is downshifted
any physique based tasks while wounded (last sentence under "damage"
the example).

Example NPC:
Combat: d6 - Small Arms d6, Melee d6
Starcraft: d4
Technical: d6 - Small Arms d4
Science: d4 - First Aid d8
Vehicular: d4 - Driving (Wheeled) d4
Physique: d6 - Endurance d6, Unarmed Combat d4

This NPC rolls 1d6+1d6 vs range die using a rifle; 1d4+1d4 vs difficulty
when using first aid (suggested target = closest die to # wounds); and
1d6+1d6 vs difficulty number for a forced march using Endurance.
When shot, he can take up to 6 wounds before dying.  Your high end FP:3
I:d10 rifle can easily do this against an unarmoured foe (as you roll
against armour 1d4; the odds are good for some major hits, hence 2

'Neath Southern Skies 

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> From: Roger Books
> Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 2:48 AM
> Subject: [GZG] FMA RPG
> I just purchased all the published Stargate RPG books.  Nice 
> for background material but I am not a fan of d20.
> Does anyone have any good FMA RPG adaptations?  I found this:
> <> 
> but wondered if there was any others around.	While the rules 
> linked look good they have more of a wargame feel than an RPG 
> feel.  I think I can work the kinks out but would like to see 
> others efforts if there are any. 
> Has anyone played these rules?  What is the interaction 
> between stats and skills?  How many wounds does a character have?
> I'd like to get a look at FMA Skirmish, how do I get a copy?
> Roger 

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