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RE: [GZG] Re: Re: [FT] Vectoring Kra'Vak

From: Franck Gouret <gouretfranck@y...>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 17:15:05 +0100 (CET)
Subject: RE: [GZG] Re: Re: [FT] Vectoring Kra'Vak

> Oerjan Ariander said:
> > Don't know about the *original* FT rules (the
> little yellow booklet),
> > sorry. FT2 and derivatives OTOH have all used
> either unlimited rotations
> > for a single thrust point (FB1 and FB2 Vector) or
> *30* degrees per thrust
> > point (Cinematic and EFSB Vector - not that EFSB
> was actually part of the
> > Full Thrust rules corpus, of course).

I play FT only in vector, and use one thrust point =
30° degrees per thrust for human ship , and one thrust
= unlimited rotation for advanced drive ( kravak type
it's realy equilibrate, whit this rule, the kravak
have their main arc, every time, but the human have
the extra arc and are not realy limited by this rule.

I don't see the rule about unlimited rotation where
can I find it ?

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