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Re: [GZG] FTL Jump in Tunnyverse

From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 22:25:44 +1300
Subject: Re: [GZG] FTL Jump in Tunnyverse

If you look through the archives, the subject of FTL comes up a lot, and
usual answer is that Jon hasn't really defined it except for the small
section in the back of FB 1 (pg 44 of the PDF from GZG).

Fertile minds have also expounded upon the joys of Jump Gates, worm
stutter warps, warp drives, et cetera (in fact Nyrath can usually
provide a
very good link to a very good site where space travel in science fiction
given a scientific analysis).  All and each have their supporters and it
really comes down to what suits you as a player/games master, and
what science fiction you prefer.

John Brewer recently posted a very interesting discourse on micro-jumps,
using FTL to move around star systems (because star systems are still
big bits of real estate) and this got me thinking on the time scale of
jumps.	The usual scale, as often quoted on this list, is that a
jump takes about a week (and can include a number of smaller jumps). 
from a Traveller background, I've always been a bit unhappy of the
week scale when a Jump could be 1 parsec or six.  I actually quite liked
old Space Opera system of working out the distance between stars and
comparing this distance to your drive rating to work out how long it was
going to take you to make the run - bit more for the navigator in the
to do!

So, starting from a position that it takes 1 week to jump 2 parsecs or
412,529.612 AU (as 206,264.806 AU is apparently 1 parsec) I eventually
up with a 1 second Jump shifting you about 0.8 AU, or 120 million Kms.

>From these numbers, you should be able to extrapolate Jump time between
points within a system, or for jumps between systems.


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