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[GZG] Re: Re: [FT] Vectoring Kra'Vak

From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 23:26:12 +1300
Subject: [GZG] Re: Re: [FT] Vectoring Kra'Vak

Oerjan Ariander said:

> Don't know about the *original* FT rules (the little yellow booklet),
> sorry. FT2 and derivatives OTOH have all used either unlimited
> for a single thrust point (FB1 and FB2 Vector) or *30* degrees per
> point (Cinematic and EFSB Vector - not that EFSB was actually part of
> Full Thrust rules corpus, of course).

Me bad - I had forgotten that the current FT rules are in fact Version
2.  I
was thinking about the Cinematic 30 degree turns.  Having not played
Cinematic, I was unclear on the restrictions, though I was aware they
exist, hence my thinking that the proposed changes to Vector rotation
heading back in that direction - not necessarily a bad thing.

<snip thought game of tricking ESU SDN onto wrong facing and thoughts on
thrust ships>

> >BTW are there SSDs for the new ESU SDN and Carrier?
> Ask Jon :-/ (He'll be off-line until after the New Year, though.)

Will do - he deserves the break!

<snip interesting discussion of Advanced drives v wide arc guns>

> and in Fleet Book Vector you rarely need more than
> thrust-4 (Standard engines) anyway.

Seriously?  I would have thought the extra movement points would be
you get that extra bit of turn out of a final port/starboard push.  FB2
ships obviously don't need this as much, but for FB1 ships manouvering
higher than 2 x Thrust, surely being able to trim a couple of MU off the
triangle gets you back in the action sooner.  Or do most big actions
place at low velocity (by big action I'm talking 1500 - 2000 points

> >Or am I missing something?
> I'd say that you're missing just how easy it is to keep a target in
> chosen fire arc in Fleet Book Vector, and probably also how little
> relatively high-thrust ships can manoeuvre in Vector compared to how
> behave in Cinematic.

Hence my question above - I've only played a couple of games on an
2.5m x 1.5m table and found that the temptation was to wind the velocity
to get in beam range (we were using 1cm=1MU), only to discover that you
one or two shots before spending the rest of the game coming about and

> Massed batteries of single-arc, long-ranged weapons (P-torps, Class-3
> -4 beam batteries etc.) all facing the (F) arc. The NAC Furious-class
> from FB1 is a decent escort cruiser in Fleet Book Vector (by accident
> rather than by purpose, but still); a "combat" version would replace
> ADFC and some PDSs by another single-arc P-torp or Class-3 Beam

Though if you loose the ADFC, you loose the whole CE reason for being,
And then it's a CA.  Ah, I see in the notes for the Furious mention of a
variant which does pretty much as you suggest.

Thanks for your thoughts, Oerjan.  I've really got to play more games!!



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