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Plastic Space ships (was Re: [GZG] [OFFICIAL] MORE SURPRISE NEW RELEASES!)

From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 22:06:39 +1300
Subject: Plastic Space ships (was Re: [GZG] [OFFICIAL] MORE SURPRISE NEW RELEASES!)

Thanks Dean, yes, XXX Century by Nexus.  What confused me was that the
was branded Italeri.  I searched the Italeri on-line catalog, as I
if there were more ships in the range, but came up blank.  Then a mate
mine borrowed the box to research a bit further so I was quoting from
memory.  The '30 pieces' as advertised on the box equals 10 ships (plus
two-part stand for each) which is a bit of a fib if you were expecting
ships, but at $NZ 11.95 for 10 ships, it's still a bargain.

And, they are very nice little models, and Sam has done a very good
of them on his website if anyone wants to check them out.

As for Sam's comment that annoying the ESU is a good thing, might I
he accompany our friendly Narkom down the hall to Room 101 where right
thinking and pure revolutionary zeal will be gently administered until
confesses the reactionary error that he has so obviously fallen into. :)



> From:
> Quoting Doug Evans:
> >> > I was intrigued by your other raider page with the SSDs
> >> and little pics of
> >> > ships which look remarkably like some Italerie (Sp?
> >> Italian company that
> >> > make plastic models and soldiers) ships I got a while back.
> >>
> >> They're all from Silent Death, and were hand drawn in the
> >> days before
> >> digital cameras where common.
> >
> > David, are you thinking of Stratelabri(horrible sp?)? Took over the
> > plastic designs for a bit, including the Space Rangers and those
> > thingies; I think Iron Wind is doing the metal casting, but I'm not
> > about that.
> I have never understood who actually owns the rights to these plastic
> minis that
> were in the Silent Death boxed set.  They are now sold under the name
> "XXX Century Starships" from Nexus, formerly Atlantic and the Italeri
> logo is in the
> bottom corner.
> You can also get them from EM4 Miniatures:
> Larger versions of the same ships are available from a toy distributor
> have the link handy)
> All the while the plastics are still available from ICE for Silent
> RAFM still makes the metal versions of the minis, also available from
> (
> Dean Gundberg
> Starship Combat News
> The latest information on Space Games and Miniatures

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