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Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 08:51:25 +0000


In addition to our major November release of new NAC ships, we're 
very pleased to announce yet MORE new FT starships - this time of a 
rather different force.....

The Ravagers - Rim Pirates!

Savage bands of marauding outcasts operating from barely-habitable 
planets outside even far-flung limited settlements of the Outrim 
Worlds. Run by a confusing and ever-fighting selection of feudal 
warlords, they exhibit no kind of government structure beyond who has 
the biggest gun at the time. With barely-spaceworthy ships cobbled 
together from old hulls refitted with scavenged weapons and drives, 
the Ravagers are the scourge of small outrim settlements and 
unescorted merchant shipping...

Pirate Cruiser: the size of a typical naval Heavy Cruiser, the Pirate 
Cruiser is usually the command ship of a raiding force. The Cruiser 
class generally has a moderate armament suite, plus considerable 
spare cargo space for loot and captives, and is equipped with 
powerful (if not terribly reliable) drives in order to catch targets 
and evade defenders.

Pirate Raider: typically the size of a small Destroyer, the Raider 
class of Pirate ship is most frequently used on solo missions to pick 
off isolated civilian shipping or attack small planetary settlements, 
but is also encountered in groups (often accompanied by a Cruiser or 
two) for dealing with larger and better-defended targets.

Pirate Attacker: a small, fast attack ship the size of a military 
strikeboat, normally used to "swarm" a target and disable it, or to 
take on escorting ships. Attackers almost always work in conjunction 
with Raiders and Cruisers, as the tiny Attacker boats don't have much 
spare space for hauling away their ill-gotten gains.

Rim Pirate forces don't plan on taking on naval units except small 
convoy escort craft if they can help it, so they generally don't have 
particularly heavy armament suites, but they do carry specialised 
weaponry designed to incapacitate ships and/or their crews without 
actually destroying them. Needle Beams (to pick off individual 
systems on a target ship) and EMP weapons (to cause system failures 
without damaging the hull or cargo) are both common on Pirate 
vessels, along with a selection of more conventional beam and missile 
weapons for when a stand-up fight is inevitable.

It is not known for certain where the Rim Pirate Warlords acquire 
their ships from, but the fact that many of the ships encountered 
bear strong resemblance to each other (albeit with many minor 
differences in fitting-out and details) tends to suggest that there 
is at least one shipyard facility still operating somewhere on the 
Rim which is producing basic hulls to simple, outdated designs and 
selling them to the warlords, who then fit them out with whatever 
they have available in the way of scavenged and captured weapons, 
drives and systems. Many of these systems, especially drives and 
power cores, often appear to be dangerously unstable - but as drive 
room crews are mostly slaves and pressganged captives, this seems of 
little concern to the Warlords - and there is always another ship and 
crew to replace those that blow up!

FT X01	Ravager (Rim Pirate) Attackers - pack of 3		1.50 GBP
FT X02	Ravager (Rim Pirate) Raiders - pack of 2		2.50 GBP
FT X03	Ravager (Rim Pirate) Cruiser			3.50 GBP

2 x FTX-03 Cruisers, 4 x FTX-02 Raiders, 6 x FTX-01 Attackers - 


Check our online store to order ( and press releases on 
TMP and SCN!

Jon (GZG) 15.11.05
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