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[GZG] Re: Reading the Stars and thoughts on ships

From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 22:32:13 +1300
Subject: [GZG] Re: Reading the Stars and thoughts on ships

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

My system is Windows 95, so with a tail wind and fresh hamster fodder I
get by.  Tried the software website as suggested but, when it comes to
computers, I'm kinda the guy who put the 'Lud' in luddite (I have this
feeling that Linex is Charlie Brown's offsider?) - heck, I must be one
the three people in New Zealand who hasn't sent a txt message!

Anyway, couldn't get Paint to read the wmf file (kept complaining it
a bitmap - I HAD realized that, all by myself.	Stoopid computer.  Just
well it doesn't have voice activated software - could have been
if slightly mathematically improbable) but Visio does! Hoorah!	Can't
the various Visio SSDs on the interweb, as my copy has a dedication page
addressed to Noah, but it will read wmf.

So, harmony and peace are restored.

BTW, the new ships Jon's been cranking out look good.  The NAC ones are
bit of a departure from earlier models, but I can sort of see a theme
the latest ones, like an industrial/functional thing over the previous
elegance.  The new ESU ones would suggest that Tsien-Volkov won the
competition, though the FB blurb suggests that a number of the classes
included in it were aging, so these would be the likely successors.  I
like the UN ships - a friend of mine is getting some.  Has anyone put up
shots of any of the new models in a painted form, yet?



PS Whoa!  Hold the bus!  Tried inserting my system diagram as a picture
a word document and, lo and behold, Word will accept a wmf as a picture.
Strike me scarlet, how easy.  I can even caption it.

> From: "chris peachey" <>
> Subject: [GZG] Re:reading the stars
> wmf stands for windows meta file, most windows will read it with
> sre about linex.

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