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RE: [SGII] Fire of AT Missiles at disperesed tagets

From: Adrian Johnson <adrian@s...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 04:50:43 -0500
Subject: RE: [SGII] Fire of AT Missiles at disperesed tagets

Hi folks,

Owen said:
>Harken back to the games rules basics. GMS use a Guidance system;
>control mechanism is not specified. Shooting GMS uses Guidance (and
>Quality of course) vs ECM. IAVRs will use Firepower and Quality vs
>Range. And by the way we are talking over 180 years in the future; yes
>think things WILL change drastically. Remember 60 years ago there
>weren't solid state elctronics and complex guidance at all???
>In any case after Major/Minor results are determined then go to
>Impact... There we cary on the thread that Oerjan was following about
>Anti Armor warheads and blast effect....

I'm with Owen on this one.  When we play, I allow GMS/P vs. infantry
squads, but the roll is guidance vs. ECM (usually d6 - sure, they're not
carrying much in the way of ECM gear which would suggest the minimum d4,
but they're a difficult target as they're dispersed).  Impact is d8.  No
chance for major/minor hits since it isn't a point target.  Also
somewhere in the book it says that a squad is a size-1 target...

Exception - I also allow GMS/P to target individual PA suits.  The
is smaller than a typical size 1 (like a jeep), so the GMS/P shooter has
choice.  They can target the *squad* of PA, and if so, fire as above
(guidance vs. ecm, d8 impact, no chance of major/minor hits) OR they can
try to target an individual PA suit, in which case it is still guidance
ecm, but the impact can be major/minor depending on results, using the
impact die of the weapon (d12 for GMS/P for example).  In this case,
however, the shot can ONLY damage a single suit of PA.	

Most of the time, players seem to want to use GMS/P as a method of
long-range suppressions, since they rarely do any real damage to a
I try to discourage this, since it doesn't seem like smart tactics to
anti-armour rounds (assuming they are limited in number) on getting the
other guy to duck when you can do the same thing with a machinegun,
particularly if there is any real danger of enemy armour around.  Of
course, if you're up against the wall, so to speak, and there aren't a
of options, you do whatever it takes.  Since we don't play
most players seem to play as if it is the Last Battle... (no worries for
ammo expenditure, etc).


(ps - good to see you posting Owen;  I haven't seen you around for a


Adrian Johnson


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