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Re: NAC - American style [LONG]

From: Donald Hosford <Hosford.Donald@a...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 04:22:40 -0500
Subject: Re: NAC - American style [LONG]

Laserlight wrote:

>Well, if you'd said "In science fiction, what does 'the Empire' refer
>to?", I'd have said "The human government in Pournelle's future
>history.  Or the bad guys in Star Wars.  Or Asimov's Foundation books.
>Or maybe Poul Anderson's Flandry series. Or possibly the British
>Empire in Space 1899."  All quite different.
See -- A lot of really great settings....all the easy ones have been 
done already.

>True, in the GZGverse, much of the work has been done for you.  There
>is room to be creative, either filling in the details of a concept in
>canon (Noam's work on the New Israelis, mine on the Islamic Fed) or
>coming up with an entirely new concept for a minor power (Beth's IAS,
>or my Alarishi Empire, for instance).
And the great thing is you can take these "new" additions or leave them 
out.  I just love to watch the developments.

I was looking over the BattleFleetGothic rules the other day. I noticed 
that they included the entire Gothic war history in the rulebook.

(	 Look for the 
"Living Rule book.)

  Nicely done. (the history/setting that is...)  Not too detailed to 
prevent player ideas.

>I *would* like to see an alternate universe/history developed and
>generally agreed to by the List, for use by those who get enough of
>the Earth and its nations in Real Life and don't need to be reminded
>of it on the tabletop. Could be analogous to, oh, the exploration of
>Africa, or the opening of India, or the various privateers operating
>against the Spanish in the New World ... but using invented ethnic
>groups and nations.  "The Empire of Them controls the markets of the
>developing There worlds, but the privateers, smugglers, and corporate
>adventurers of This, That and Th'other are busy trying to establish
>merchant trading stations with There and raiding Them merchant
>shipping--and occasionally fighting each other too."
This I would like to see also.	Sounds like you have the gem of a good

Should we start developing this?  See who jumps on-board?  Anyone?

How about some initial ideas?
    Maybe use existing ship minis for some of the ships...
    Maybe assign some technologies to specific nations....
    Maybe start each nation out with a simple 
Escort/Destroyer/Cruiser/Battleship fleet model...
    Add specialty classes later...

Just some ideas...

Donald Hosford

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