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Re: [FH] Breaking News - Operation Colossus Fails

From: Alan and Carmel Brain <aebrain@w...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 02:11:13 +1100
Subject: Re: [FH] Breaking News - Operation Colossus Fails


(C) Summary Report of 'Z' Special Tasking Group. ARES and PIMPERNEL 
clearance required for access. Author: GrpCpt A.Lacey, OUDF

(S) 1. Heavy materiel losses by KV forces have largely been made good by

recovery and repair teams.

(S) 2. Mars environment deemed unconducive to impromptu "stay behind" 
forces. Partisan and cut-off units are draining enemy frontline strength

but have limited viability.

(MS) 3. Severe shortage of Entanglement Comms Units (ECUs) reported 
amongst GHOSTWATCH elements.

(S) 4. Logistical Analysis implies presence of KV transportable 
factories and refineries in Far Colonies.

(C) 5. KV personnel units obviously must be transported from KV 
homespace. Emphasis must be placed on preventing KV recovery of 
personnel assets.

(U) 6. Recommendations

(S) 6.1 Near-Front Raids to be conducted to totally destroy wrecked KV 
vehicles with emphasis on KILL JOY units.

(S) 6.2 Distant Raids to be conducted to identify and destroy KV 
recovery and repair facilities (see Technical Annex)

(MS) 6.3 Selected Distant Raids are to be primary cover for conveying 
PRC-90034 ECUs to GHOSTWATCH elements.

(S) 6.4 Naval Support required to identify, interdict and destroy 
suspected KV factory and refinery facilities in Human Space.

(MS) 6.5 KV prisoners are to be neutralised if there is any emphasise 
any risk of rescue.

(MS) 6.6 Despite risk of reprisal, the taking of KV prisoners except for

intelligence purposes should be discouraged forthwith.

(C) 6.7 Naval Operations should concentrate on interdiction of troop 
transport rather than materiel.

Authorised : Captain G.Alvarez, UNDIO
Approved   : Admiral B.Schmetterling, UNSN
	      Maj Gen P.N.Zance, UNA

Should be plenty of juicy SG2 and FT scenarios generated from this 
one.... maybe even a few DS2 ones, see 6.1

Alan & Carmel Brain

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