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Re: BSG 2003 was Re: The NAC Navy Hymn

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 13:22:35 +0000
Subject: Re: BSG 2003 was Re: The NAC Navy Hymn

>  >
>>  My take is that the Galactica seems... weak.  In the original series
>>  (iirc), a single battelstar could take on 1 or 2 cylon base stars
and hold
>>  it's own, or win.  In the new series, it seems they're either badly
>>  outnumbered, or badly outclassed (my gut reaction was the latter),
>>  they run and run and run some more, and don't ever really seem to
>>  or fight their way free.
>>  There are plenty of things to like about the show, but I'm not
>>  that it will fulfill my desire to see some kick ass dogfights and
>  > some cylon base stars get obliterated.
>  >

Personally (all entirely IMHO, YMMV etc of course....) I think the 
new BSG is superb - probably the best written and acted Space Opera 
TV I've seen aside from Firefly.....!

As several people have already mentioned, over here we've now seen 
all episodes except the final one (coming up on Monday night - 
yayy!!). While we'll probably never be lucky enough to get an SF TV 
series that is "perfect" for us hardcore SF geeks, for my money this 
gets close enough that I am happy to ignore the occasional "wha...?" 

Yes, there isn't a great deal of combat action overall (though there 
are a couple of episodes that have a fair amount), but to my mind 
that isn't the important thing about the series - the 
characterisation, relationships, politics and religion are all FAR 
more important to the narrative than blowing up spaceships. The 
religious twist of monotheistic Cylons vs. polytheistic Humanity, and 
the implications of this in the later storylines, is fascinating..... 
if this doesn't get renewed for a second series it'll be as big a 
crime against intelligent television* as Firefly getting canned!

* If that's not an oxymoron, of course....  ;-)

Jon (GZG)


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