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Re: FT in centimeter scale?

From: Alan and Carmel Brain <aebrain@w...>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 01:17:08 +1100
Subject: Re: FT in centimeter scale?

Hugh Fisher wrote:
>> Um, a "dum" question but why can't you still do at least some sort of
>> Demo even if only on a 6x4 table? This year is my first back to
>> for quite a while and I'd like to see a FT on the go at least!?
> I think Alan is just disappointed that he won't be able
> to run the truly grandiose Full Thrust demo he had planned
> for this year. (I've been handling some admin hassles for
> him as assistant demo organiser / minion, so know a bit
> about it.)

More like "Hugh's been doing all the work, while Alan has been acting 
in, um, er, a Supervisory capacity, yes, that's it". that would be the 
truth, anyway.

It wasn't a "grandiose" scenario, just all-the-KV-in-the-Universe coming

in in waves, and as newbie players turn up and/or indicate they want to 
play, yet another pitiful NAC/ESU/FSE/NSL/UN/OU/Whatever squadron gets 
fed into the fire.

You just can't do this in 6ft x 4ft. Even in cm scale, as the terrain 
would get too big.

> Are you planning to turn up only briefly, only one day, or
> the full weekend? We definitely want to run some FT demos.
> Bring your fleet and you can beat up your choice of Alans
> Oceanic Union or my Babylon 5 Shadows.

I think 2 straight days of Epic:Armageddon will be too much too. It 
would be good to get in a little FT, even if it's a demo (social game 
with pauses for audience explanation) rather than a participation game.

I wish just 1/100 of the expertise in running Participation games that 
there is in, say, SELWYG would be present at Cancon. I did well one year

running OGRE with miniatures - especially with the under-15 crowd - but 
in the UK they really know how to do it properly.

I still think 6ft x 4ft is too small for decent manouvering. It gives 
the OU a huge advantage. I'm not saying they can't lose, just that I've 
never lost on a table that size, or even come close. Maybe if we play 
with cm scale - which is why I left the subject line untouched (there's 
method to my madness).

Alan & Carmel Brain

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