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Re: [DS2] Vehicle Design

From: Glenn M Wilson <warbeads@j...>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 12:04:59 PDT
Subject: Re: [DS2] Vehicle Design

On Sun, 1 Aug 2004 17:44:25 +0100 Samuel Penn <>
>Problems arise when you look at differing tech levels. In the
>near future, lasers might become usable, but not as effective
>or reliable as KE weapons. For a balancing point system, this
>would make lasers cheap weapons, which is totally the opposite
>of what they should be from the background point of view.

Actually I think there is no better/cheaper weapon for long range (36",
chits for all size HEL weapons) suppressing of Infantry then a HEL-1 for
the price (considering turret mounted weapons only) in the default
'setting' and no worse category of weapon for anti-armor actions (except
for picking off Class-1 scout vehicles at 60" perhaps) at long range in
the default 'setting'.	I only use HELs (almost always a coax HEL-1) for
infantry/GMS/L suppression on AFVs when the ARTY is tied up with other

>I'm not saying balancing points for effectiveness is wrong
>(I think it's probably the best way to do it), but it can
>sometimes give strange results when you start trying to
>compare differing tech levels.

I agree that comparing cross-tech has some definite pit-falls.


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