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Re: [DS2] Vehicle Design

From: Brian B <greywanderer987@y...>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 14:11:47 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [DS2] Vehicle Design

--- Glenn M Wilson <> wrote:

> Sam, that's a whole other debate on point systems. 
> What do they
> represent - construction costs, effectiveness, etc.

In this case, it's pretty clear-cut as to what the
point system will be intended to represent -- the
effectiveness of the system on the game board.	Any
system that represents fiacnical cost, etc., is
dependent on the assumptions inherent in the
background used, and should be independent of the
points costing system for a one-off game.

> Assuming that you use point systems the imperfect
> attempt to create
> balanced point systems should not have glaringly
> unbalanced pieces. 

As it does now.

> Systems for campaigns that use 'credits' for buying
> fleets are no
> different then points per system basing it on some
> perceived absolute
> value in effectiveness on a battlefield.  

Actually, they can be quite different, since a
campaign setting must take into account factors that
have nothing to do with battlefiend effectiveness, and
as such are irrelevent to an effectiveness-based
system.  This includes scarcity of raw materials, tech
level required to design the weapon, etc.  These are
all things that can make a weapon much more expensive
than it's intrinsic combat value, or much cheaper. 
They are also setting-specific.  For both of these
reasons, any such campaign costing system should be
independent from the points costing system for the
basic game.

Of course
> in reality the
> terrain affects systems interaction.	Infantry on a
> wide open plain on
> the attack are less effective then when in densely
> closed terrain on the
> defensive. 

And the more extreme the terrain, the greater the
effect on the effectiveness of certain systems.  But
on the whole, if the terrain is averaged out, the
effect on different systems will as well.  Any
disadvantage you suffer for running the wrong type of
system for a given terrain is more a reflection on
your skill as a commander, not on the point system.

> Two systems might cost the same in 'construction
> points' but be wildly
> differently effective in function (Oertillery
> specialist ships in Full
> Thrust will be less capable then ships designed to
> fight other ships in a
> open space encounter.) 

But the same system will be murderously more effective
at the job it was intended for -- again, it's a matter
of choosing the right tool for the job.

 But two ships with similar
> systems in similar
> combat should have (if you use a point system)
> similar costs in 'scenario
> points' [for lack of a better term.]


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