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Re: [DS2] Vehicle Design

From: Samuel Penn <sam@b...>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 17:44:25 +0100
Subject: Re: [DS2] Vehicle Design

On Sunday 01 August 2004 13:09, Glenn M Wilson wrote:
> >Assuming that the point cost is only a measure of how
> >effective something is on the battlefield.
> Sam, that's a whole other debate on point systems.  What do they
> represent - construction costs, effectiveness, etc.
> Two systems might cost the same in 'construction points' but be wildly
> differently effective in function (Oertillery specialist ships in Full
> Thrust will be less capable then ships designed to fight other ships
in a
> open space encounter.)  But two ships with similar systems in similar
> combat should have (if you use a point system) similar costs in
> points' [for lack of a better term.]

Problems arise when you look at differing tech levels. In the
near future, lasers might become usable, but not as effective
or reliable as KE weapons. For a balancing point system, this
would make lasers cheap weapons, which is totally the opposite
of what they should be from the background point of view.

I'm not saying balancing points for effectiveness is wrong
(I think it's probably the best way to do it), but it can
sometimes give strange results when you start trying to
compare differing tech levels.

You could have an optional modifier depending on available tech,
which could be ignored for competition style games, but used
for campaign style games where background flavour is important.

Be seeing you,
Sam.					jabber:

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