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Re: UNSC Ship Names

From: "Grant A. Ladue" <ladue@c...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 10:53:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: UNSC Ship Names

> >>  Famous messengers sounds more likely.
> >
> >   Ok, I can buy that.  The question is, how many famous messengers
are there?
> >
> >   Hmm, who was the guy that ran the first "marathon" back to Athens?
> For the record (and feel free to disagree!) I'd always envisaged that 
> the Couriers would not have "official" names, only pennant numbers - 
> there are probably a LOT of these boats in service - but that some 
> might be given "unofficial" names by their crews. The use of Hermes 
> as a model name was in the messenger sense, and seemed to fit, but 
> there need not be any mythological connection to any of the 
> unofficial ship names. Many would probably be named for their 
> captain's wife/girlfriend/mistress etc (or of course 
> husband/boyfriend/toyboy for the female captains.....). I suspect 
> that nose art wouldn't be uncommon.
   I'm sorry, but you named the class, now I have to use that!	:-)  :-)

   Actually I've gotten enough messenger god names from online sources
 cover what I'll actually put on the table.

> For the Warrior corvettes, use names of famous (or made-up famous) 
> soldiers - grunts who have distinguished themselves through the ages. 
> Like in Starship Troopers, where the Rodger Young (in the BOOK) is 
> actually a corvette/transport, and it is noted that the little ships 
> are named for the footsloggers, while the big carriers are named for 
> battles (eg: the Ypres). Look at any war memorials or roll of honour, 
> and pick some names that sound good, or just make some up for heroes 
> of 21st/22nd century battles!.
> Jon (GZG)

   Yeah, I'd already started pulling famous generals names out of my
 I'll have to find Victoria Cross and MOH winners to use as well.
   I've gotten a bunch of excellent suggestions.  I'll search the old
 for some more, and compile the list and post it here.	I'm tempted to
not use
 "Halley" for the comet class.	It's almost *too* obvious.


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