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Re: TOE was: Re: Mixed Tech forces

From: John Atkinson <johnmatkinson@y...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 07:50:15 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: TOE was: Re: Mixed Tech forces

--- wrote:

> A Troop (Curaissers)
> 3 Lances: 4 Timber Wolves 

Where's troop headquarters?  It's hard enough to fight
a tank and a company, it would be overwhelming to
fight a tank, a lance, and a troop.  Same for all
following units.  It would be more pronounced because
with the large number of troops your squadron HQ would
be a little overwhelmed.

> B Troop (Dragoons)
> 3 Lances: 4 Bobcats; 4 PA Infantry (2 Rifle, 1 GMS,
> 1 APSW)

You're kind of short on dismounts, but if this is to
be a cavalry units rather than mech infantry then it
is about right.

> D Troop (Lancers)
> 3 Lances: 1 Coyote; 3 Huskies

Is this administrative, or tactical?  If tactical, it
is a bit odd.  The Coyote is your AA gun, Huskies your
AT missile launcher.  You probably wouldn't want them
deployed in the same place.  In fact, the AA would
need to be distributed through the force structure. 
As large a unit as this is you'll probably want more
than three guns (I use six in a smaller battalion) and
have them parcelled out in ones and twos.  Personally
I'd have a lance of Huskies attached to each troop of
dragoons and a pair of coyote lances attached to
squadron HQ troop.

> Command Troop
> 1 Command Lance: 1 Lynx; 1 Coyote; 1 Appaloosa; 1
> Husky
> 1 Pioneer Lance: 2 Appaloosas; 2 Elk

No organic mortars?  I think that's a mistake.	6-9
would be appropriate for a unit of this size. 
Smoke--instant concealment is GOOD.  I'd also include
dismounts with your pioneers as well.  Short on
recovery assets also--probably 1-2 recovery vehicle
per troop would be better, given that this unit looks
intended to fight pretty distributed.

I didn't add up the points, but your VTOL gunships
have got to be in the neighborhood of 500 points for
the cheaper ones.  That's a lot of eggs in one basket,
but it also looks to be hellishly effective.  Do you
permit one vehicle to target GMS/Hs on multiple
targets?  If so, cool.	If not then 4 on one VTOL is


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