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[FT] ESG conversion

From: "Matt Tope" <mptope@o...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 14:03:30 -0000
Subject: [FT] ESG conversion

Here is an idea for the Lyran ESG for Full Thrust, I was wondering if
SFB/FT players out there feel that this is a viable interpretation.

The key to ESG's and they're use in SFB is determined by the hex map and
impulse turn systems. This in turn makes the ESG tricky to convert in
especially in regard to its interaction with other vessels in movement.
have taken the following approach in order to minimise record keeping,
does not represent accurately how the ESG operates in SFB, but I feel it
does capture the flavour.

1). Each ESG may be activated once per turn. It most be noted in the
orders when and how the ESG's are to be activated.

2) Individual ESG's may be activated in an offensive or defensive mode,
not both in one turn. Different ESG's on one vessel may be set to
modes in the same turn.

3) If set to a defensive mode the ESG's activate in the point defence
segment. Roll 1d6 per ESG activated and total. This is the number of
attacking missiles and fighters killed. Inflict kills on missiles before
fighters (I figure fighter pilots wil be more inclined to evasive
manoeuvreing than drones will be). Fighters attacking from 3 - 6mu
require 2 points to kill. ESG's then shut down, excess points are lost.

4) ESG's set to offensive mode activate in the direct fire weapons stage
"attack" when the carrying ship does so. The ESGs inflict 1d6 points of
damage each on the closest enemy vessel within 3mu. If 2 or more enemy
vessels are within range and equal distance the total damage is devided
equally as possible amongst them. If a friendly vessel is closest the
may shut the ESG's down before damage is caused to it (if the player so
wishes). After attacking the ESG's shut down, excess damage is lost.

I have developed the rules as such to reflect the two main uses of ESG's
have encountered, as anti fighter/drone sweeps or anti-vessel rams.
Depending on which use they are put to determins in which game phase
are activated. This I feel is a good compromise between the FT and SFB
turn/movement systems, and does away with a lot of record
keeping required if ESG's are activated at the start of the FT game

Does this seem logical?

If it does, what mass and cost would be recommended?


Matt Tope

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