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StarTrek:TOS and Mauler

From: "Mark & Staci Drake" <markandstaci@c...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 05:03:29 -0600
Subject: StarTrek:TOS and Mauler

In the scenario I am working on ,I had planned on using the Mauler for
that:taking out the 2  Federation orbital defense
platforms (an R-1,and either an Alamo outpost,or possibly a small
Starbase--not sure which one yet.) Its firepower would be useful for
cracking the heavy defenses.....

My original idea for the Mauler was based on the SFB Mauler weapons
chart I did find online (at ) with 4d6 at1-2"
range , 2d6 at 3-10" , and 1d6 at 10-12" range,only 1" wide fire cone
template),and used against single target,with same charging rules as
Gun.I do like Dean's idea,though about the capacitors and using thrust
power....have to decide which method of charging to go with......

Again, thanks to everyone for their help on this.

Mark Drake

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