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[OFFICIAL] Request for help....

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 14:06:26 +0000
Subject: [OFFICIAL] Request for help....

Hi all,

A small request for help....

I've been approached by a writer for a games magazine who wants to do 
a general article on GZG; no problem here, but they need (quickly) 
some colour photos in high resolution (suitable for high-quality 
magazine publication) of some of our minis - anything will do, SG 
figures, DS vehicles, and especially one or two of FT ships 
(preferably the newer fleets like the UN or the Japs, but any would 

The problem is that with the Xmas mailorder rush in full swing, I 
don't have time to get anything specially taken for this (deadline 
for the magazine is very soon - well before Xmas - so I need to get 
this sorted within the next few days) - so, I wondered if anyone out 
there in list-land had anything suitable that they'd be prepared to 
have used in the article.

Now, these MUST be very high quality paintjobs, and good quality 
photos in good focus, with decent lighting and backgrounds (printing 
resolution will be 1600 x 1200 dpi I believe). FT ships photoshopped 
onto starscapes would also be fine..... anybody think they might be 
able to help?

Thanks in advance,

Jon (GZG)

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