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Re: Rules questions

From: "Scott Clinton" <grumbling_grognard@h...>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:19:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Rules questions

>From: "Tommy" <>
>I`m wargamer from Poland.

Well Howdy from Texas!	Small world is it not?	:-)

I don't play DSII or FT but let me give a try at the SGII questions, or
least my opinion.

>2. I don`t know if you are interested in fantasy wargames, but I want
>play fantasy battles with rules based on SGII...I want more "realizm"
in a 
>game. I resolved most of the problems but still have a few...(monsters)

>often have a few more hands/ heads than average human, they are much
>and have natural armour. It makes difficult to resolve close combat
>them. To me close combat in such close combat oriented game should be
>complex (and more interested) than in SGII which is firefight game...

True, yes I see the problem.  I am not sure that the close combat system

used in SGII is detailed enough to do what it appears you want to do.  I

think it can be made to work, but I am not sure it will give you the
that you want.	But, with detail comes a price.  More detailed close
will slow the game.  With large formations fighting (as they do in
wargames) this can be a very bad thing.

If I were you I would start by working on the extreme examples of
that you wish to model like giants, dragons as well as hobbits and
That way you have the extremes done and you can then fill in the middle
the rest of the creatures so that it 'feels right'.

Then I would work on making statistics for the melee weapons most used
their special rules.  For example a sword may be a d8 while a long spear
only d6 but the spear is longer and hits first.  You may see that by
this and using logic it then becomes apparent that the dragon (already 
"modeled") should probably also get a first hit advantage over the

>I can`t imagine single swordmen killing for example Dragon. Monsters
>resist a lot of wounds. How to make it without making a notes after
>wound (which will slow the game)? I couldn`t resolve this problem, if
>are interested and want to help, please send your suggestion.

Perhaps a different/additional set of counters for "FMA Fantasy" to
the number of hit points the creature has left will work.  You may also
just setting an extra dice next to the figure with the number of hit
left showing.

>3. Do you know anything about publication of FMA? Rules for fighting
>small battles with dozen or so fighters per side...I need such a 
>system...Maybe you know other good game for simulating such a conflict?

Yep, I desire this also.  I am working on my own, much more complex
(Please note: I said more complex not better! <g>)

>4. SGII question. Close combat. Don`t you think power armour troops in
>game are overpowered in close combat.

Personally I do not think they are too strong in close combat.	I have 
always seen power armor in SGII as being modeled on the power armor used
the book "Starship Troopers".  And from reading that book (and others 
similar) one (well trained) man in power armor could kill a squad by 

Power armor not only protects the wearer, it also GREATLY increases
strength and close combat abilities.  A man with a knife or bayonet is
threat to a soldier in power armor.

Perhaps you are viewing power armor as what I have heard referred to as 
"Power-assisted Armor".  This type of armor is slower, and not nearly as

advanced as the power armor modeled in SGII.  "Power-assisted Armor" is 
simply heavy armor with a built in power unit to allow the wearer to
under its bulk.  It does not provide nearly the mobility or strength of
power armor while it does provide nearly as much protection.

All of the above, are of course, just my opinion.


Scott Clinton
The Grumbling Grognard


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