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Re: Rules questions

From: "Chris DeBoe" <LASERLIGHT@Q...>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:40:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Rules questions

From: Tommy

> I don`t know if you are interested in fantasy wargames, but I want to
fantasy battles with rules based on SGII

SG2 might be okay as a basis for massed battles, but it sounds as if
be more interested in FMA Skirmish...

> Do you know anything about publication of FMA? Rules for fighting very
small battles with dozen or so fighters per side. I know GZG have got to
published them in this year. Will it be published or not?

Yes, it will be....eventually. :-)  Jon hasn't mentioned anything (that
know of) about it being published in 2001, though.

> SGII question. Close combat. Don`t you think power armour troops in a
are overpowered in close combat. I have had such a situation in a game.
power armour troops (Veteran) charged a 13 men Green squad (they were
regrouping). It was a carnage.

Sounds reasonable to me.  PA is supposed to be tough.  Analogy: four
knights vs 13 peasants.

> FT questions. About Control Parties. When are Control Parties work.

I've always played at as DCP work after you make your threshold rolls,
you could lose a system but then immediately repair it.  I don't know
that's *correct* but I don't recall playing it any other way.  Mind you,
Islamic Fed ships tend to go from "undamaged" to "lost all the armor" to
"boom" without any stops for thresholds.

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