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Re: [DS2]: Another Build System Idea

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 18:05:03 EST
Subject: Re: [DS2]: Another Build System Idea

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 12:39:11 -0500 "David Reeves"
<> writes:
>I have also have been searching for a better method to deal with 
>point (CP) problems.  after several deadends, I'm trying a "small 
>versus an overhaul.
>if you have a CP overage/underage after vehicle design, why not trade 
>for armor points (AP)?  this is not to be confused with the overall 
>factor.  AP are the aspect armor values the vehicle has.  for example, 
>hvy tank with armor factor 4 would have the following AP:
>   front: 4
>   sides: 3
>   top: 3
>   rear: 3
>   bottom: 2
>so if the CP are 1 over, why not subtract 1 armor from the rear armor,
>say?  when dealing with multiple AP, add or subtract evenly around the
>vehicle to avoid min-maxers.  therefore, a 2-point reduction would 
>from the top/bottom, both sides or rear/bottom, etc.
>OTOH, an APC needs 1 more CP to fit the troop loadout, so why not 
>the AP by 1 to accomodate it?
>note that my underlying assumption is overall weight, not necessarily
>space.  i say this because DS2 tends to focus on space rather than 
>in the build formula.	if you can live with this alteration, then this 
>be a tweak that works for you.  okay, you've managed to fit in that 
>weapon or infantry, but now the vehicle armor is slightly easier to
>anyway, just an idea to throw out there....

Interesting, Dave, I have designed a future army to draw trrops from for
scenarios and it includes some 'Drop Troop' and Interface landing troop
elements.  One of the problems I have dealt with is the problems of size
1 and size 2 (less so) vehicles and the 'left over' CAP after assigning
the 'single' weapon (any size 1 turret or size 2 fixed.) 

But it gets much worse when I was playing with multiple GMS/H's and
vehicles. A size 5 GMS HBT/HTD with 5 GMS/H launchers leaves 5 cap
left over.

Can't add another weapon.  Adding a Fire Team is weird but workable but
still leaves one cap point.  And etc., etc., etc.  Can't add another
to the FT and 5 GMS/H because it exceeds the max weapons...

I don't *really* want to start fiddling with 'add-on' armor because of
the risk of attracting munchkins...

I will have to try out this idea and see what the implications are in
game terms...

Gracias, Glenn/Triphibious
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