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Re: [FT] Starfleet Wars Miniatures

From: devans@u...
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 07:53:19 -0600
Subject: Re: [FT] Starfleet Wars Miniatures

Wow! The site's FINALLY been updated, and is open, though they say
not be processing orders 'til Feb. I know I'd about given up. If this is
not news to the group, sorry I missed something. ;->=

I've only two Terran SGD's, but one each of the fish and cat.

The one scenario I wanted to work out, but never got balanced, had these
monsters SO big, they couldn't maneuver on the table. They ran in
lines, just out of each other's main guns, with all the little ships
to fight them and each other.

I'd actually decided the two Terrans were NAC, the James H. Evans and
Adam Delafield, and the Aquarian was FSE, though I'd never had a name
it. Suggestions accepted.

Thanks for bringing the monsters up; I never liked trying to work them
with the old arcs, and made a mental note to try FB1-style. Of course,
mental note board is DARN crowded, and DAMN illegible.


-Douglas J. Evans, curmudgeon

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