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Re: DS-Bolos

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 08:59:08 EST
Subject: Re: DS-Bolos

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001 13:53:19 -0800 "Eli Arndt"
<> writes:
>This was written:
>>According to the technical notes in Bolos, Book3:Triumphant, the 
>smallest bolo
>>with a hellbore (25cm, in the MkXIV), weighs in at 728-900 tons, 
>based on
>>configuration.  The largest bolos are comparable to FB1 BDN's and 
>SDN's in size
>>(which says something about the size of warships in the Bolo 
>universe), and some
>>of them had limited interstellar self-transport.  I daresay that the 
>arrival of
>>a MkXX and up on the tabletop is a zero-survivability incident for 
>anything it
>>targets, except a similarly armed and armored unit.
>>The hellbore is at least equivalent to a naval bombardment mission 
>that is
>>always on call, arrives the instant it is called for, but hits what 
>>hypothetical laser did.
>Seems to me, that at this scale, you'd do well to rescale your game.  
>Make Bolos the top of the scale, with weapon selections simulating 
>batteries.  Design smaller vehicles accordingly, and perhaps fielding 
>particularly small vehicles built as squads with an appropriate size 

Maybe us 2mm AFV Miniatures?

>I won't guess at specifics, but i know with enough bashing it could be 
>worked out.
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