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Re: DS-Bolos

From: Richard Bell <rlbell@s...>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 12:04:57 -0500
Subject: Re: DS-Bolos

bif smith wrote:

> I was just reading the latest bolos novel, and have some questions to
you DS
> aficianados out there.
> Has anyone designed a bolo, and how was it sized (probably a oversized
> modular/sectional vehicle, but how big? These bolos are BIG!)
> How would anyone represent the hellbore main gun? The closest example
> could think of is a DFFG (but larger than a DFFG/5) with the range of
> laser (after all, they could hit anything upto close orbit). And how
> you represent ground to orbit fire in FT using one of these?
> "yorkshire born,yorkshire bred,
> strong in arms, thick in head"

According to the technical notes in Bolos, Book3:Triumphant, the
smallest bolo
with a hellbore (25cm, in the MkXIV), weighs in at 728-900 tons, based
configuration.	The largest bolos are comparable to FB1 BDN's and SDN's
in size
(which says something about the size of warships in the Bolo universe),
and some
of them had limited interstellar self-transport.  I daresay that the
arrival of
a MkXX and up on the tabletop is a zero-survivability incident for
anything it
targets, except a similarly armed and armored unit.

The hellbore is at least equivalent to a naval bombardment mission that
always on call, arrives the instant it is called for, but hits what the

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