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Re: [FT] OU & IC & FB3

From: "Nathan" <Nathan_at_Spring_Grove_UK@e...>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 12:25:26 -0000
Subject: Re: [FT] OU & IC & FB3

Here's my list of things I would expect in FB3

If memory serves there are four ranges of models requiring
documentation as per FB1.

UNSC - United Nations Space Command
IF - Islamic Federation
OU - Oceanic Union
OC - Outrim Coalition

Of these I would think only the UN and possibly the IF are
ready for "Fleet Booking". The OU desperately need some
heavier models, or we have to conceed that the figures in
question are only good for doing not-Space Above or
not-Fifth Element and are in fact designed with a different
scale in mind. Regards the OC, does ANYBODY have any
information on what this bloc is supposed to be, or are
they just not-Trek figures?

Regards the IC, RH and Dutch mentioned in previous
postings, I presume that these nations	buy or build other
blocs' designs since they have no native ranges of their

On the new rules front, I was alarmed at the bulk of extra
systems rules brought in by FB2 (all the FB1 changes
are fine, though I don't use all of them). I would hope we
could avoid a TFG-like spiral of "weapons effectiveness
inflation" whereby players have to adopt the latest races
and systems in order to remain competitive.

For the UN, we have discussed various new heavy
weapons systems and modular hulls. These would be
good additions if they are no more complex than any
of the rules in FT2.

Finally, just to throw a new idea into the FB3 pot, has
anyone considered IF suicide crews in the past?
These would not need to roll a 6 to ram, but would
only be found on very small vessels since the IF
wouldn't want to throw away large numbers of trained
hands who probably wouldn't volunteer en masse
anyway. The points value of such a vessel would be
considerably raised, though I don't have a clear
enough picture of small vessel survivability to do
the math on this. If that question is insoluble, we
might need to fall back on the idea of a suicide
fighter. La ilaha il'Allah!

That's quite a mixed bag of comments. I would
suggest that anyone who wants to reply on a
particular point spawns a new subject.


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