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Re: [Ft} OU & IC & FB3

From: "Alan and Carmel Brain" <aebrain@d...>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 22:42:39 +1100
Subject: Re: [Ft} OU & IC & FB3

From: "Oerjan Ohlson" <>

> Problem here. Brendan Pratt doesn't design any custom ships (unless
> he's begun doing so in the last half year), so he can simply reduce
> points costs of the published ships by 15%. The rest of us can't do
> that - we have to reduce the cost of some specific Kra'Vak components
> instead. But which ones, and by how much?

I think the KV are balanced in vector. So a straight 10-15% discount
the board
wouldn't be too bad when playing Cinematic.

> >>RUST
> >Sa'Vasku range bands altered to 8" bands.
> 8" or 9", yes.

Much of a muchness, I could live with either, the difference is lost in

> >Point defences treat Plasma Bolts as normal targets with no re-rolls
> >(1-3= 0pts 4-5= 1pts 6= 2pts).
> Can live with that.

Me too - don't see why it's needed, but no reason why not.

> >Close range set pulsers only yield 4d6.

> We've fought a dozen battles on fixed 4'x8' tables pitting FB1 fleets
> against "all-C" Phalon forces now, and the Phalons have *still* lost
> every one of them... Brendan never described what tactics the Phalons
> use to keep the range close (nor what tactics their opponents have
> tried to prevent them from closing), so I still don't know what we're
> doing wrong locally :-(

Or what *we're* doing wrong locally. maybe we're missing something
obvious that your group has seen.

Maybe a PBEM game would be in order here? No need for actual combat,
just manouvering.

> >c) Fleets. We should at least have all the ships that GZG currently
> >make. Anything else?
> > IC forex?
> Max 4 fleets in a fleetbook; may be less if there are many new rules.

Depends on the size of the fleet. For example, IF and UNSC are both
ranges. But OU has a small range - FF, DD, CL, CA, CVL, that's it.
If my "modular designs" are adopted, this could have maybe another
page consisting of the standard modules, but it's still only 3-4 pages.

> GZG currently has 4 fleets without any published stats: UNSC, IF, OU
> and ORC.

ORC - Out Rim Coalition. (as opposed to Orcish Revolutionary..)
But only the UNSC fleet is as big as the Big 4's. I think there's room
for another fleet, maybe 2. But only if there are some minis
otherwise there's no point. Leave them for FB4.

> >d) Rules: What rules do we need: MT missiles, for sure. Anything
> >else?

> Sensors

Yes. I like simple. ECM and ECCM should be here too.

> and boarding combat

Yes - maybe use the SuVasku Leech mechanics,

> and cleared-up fighter rules (currently
> they're spread out over all five books...).

Yes. No need for any changes, just a consolidation.

Things we can leave till FT3?

Ground Interface
Striking colours (suggest a check every turn at last hull box and get
damaged -
score must equal the number of hull boxes left, but a 6 always fails)
Painting guide
Sources of Minis.

OK, next question:

Assuming we have FB3 consisting of

Who's gonna do what? Rather than decide by having a vote, asking the
Jon etc, I suggest that anyone who wants to can have a crack. The rules
as follows:
a) You must write some PHB (Pseudo-Historical as opposed to
Pseudo-Scientific) about
the navy in question, much as in FB1.
b) You must write the stats of ALL of the ships in the navy you choose,
those specified in Not just stats, but some PHB
FB1. Use a Spreadsheet or automated tool for generation, to avoid

What to do from there? Zip it all up and put it in a vault somewhere for
others to review?

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