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[OFFICIAL UPDATE] New FT ships and SG stuff from GZG!!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:46:46 +0100
Subject: [OFFICIAL UPDATE] New FT ships and SG stuff from GZG!!

[Commercial announcement mode on!]

Hi all,

Just to let you know we've got some new FT ships out now, with a bit of
long story behind them - those of you who have copies of MT will have
noticed the photo on P7, with a couple of ships attacking a shuttle -
slightly "trekkie" style ships (round forward "saucer" hulls and
rear hulls) were credited as being by Mercury Minatures, and were
by an old friend, Jim Langer; MM was going to be the name he used for
various projects he was working on, but these never came to fruition. We
made a mould of them for Jim (this was over ten years ago!) but for
reasons he never got round to agreeing that they be put into production,
until now! After much pressure <grin> Jim has finally agreed to let us
market the ships, and seven classes are now in full production and
available as listed below - the Defence Outpost is coming soon.

I didn't want to use any of the existing Earth-based nations for these
ships, and also didn't want to introduce them as another alien force at
this point, so for the sake of calling them SOMETHING I went for Outrim
Coalition (OK, it spells ORC, but these are NOT GW Ork-style ships....).
No, I don't have a proper background for the ORC, but see it as probably
mutual-defence league between several technically-developed Outworld
colonies who have broken away from earth domination.  Of course, you can
use these ships for anything you want - they look really nice, and would
make good additions to any trek-style fleet (eg the Irregular stuff) as
well as for use on their own. Detailing is very fine, and well up to the
standard of any of our other FT ranges.

Ships out are listed below. I do have a decent B&W jpeg of the range, if
anyone would like to host it on a suitable site for the listers to look

These excellent and detailed models are produced under licence from
designer, Jim Langer; they were actually sculpted many years ago, but
never been put into proper production until now - those of you who have
copy of More Thrust may have spotted that they are the ships illustrated
the photo on P.7 of that publication. We can't promise that there will
expansions to this fleet, but if they sell well then we may be able to
persuade Jim that it would be a good idea to make some more classes.....
the meantime they make a very nice force in their own right, with many
for FT and other games.
All AVAILABLE NOW  unless noted!
FT1204		Outrim Coalition Frigates (pack of 2)		£1.95
FT1205		Outrim Coalition Destroyers (pack of 2) 	£2.25
FT1206		Outrim Coalition Light Cruiser			£1.95
FT1208A 	Outrim Coalition Heavy Cruiser type A		£2.75
FT1208B 	Outrim Coalition Heavy Cruiser type B		£2.75
FT1208C 	Outrim Coalition Heavy Cruiser type C		£2.75
FT1210		Outrim Coalition Battleship			£4.25
FT1220		Outrim Coalition Defence Outpost		£4.95
		(not illustrated -available late September/early Oct)


For info, we also now have all of the new ESU HEAVY INFANTRY range in
(designed in Oz for Eureka, we're doing them under licence as usual) in
full production, and are starting on the first of the Pax Limpopo "weird
Victorian SF" range very soon (also from Eureka).

The ESU inf listing is:
ESU HEAVY INFANTRY (available late Sept/early Oct)
An all-new range, very different in design from our original ESU Naval
Infantry - these are the regular footsloggers of the ESU ground forces,
flexible body armour and light helmets or field caps.
Produced under licence from Eureka Miniatures, designed by Mike
All 95p each except as marked.
SGE-50	Trooper, firing from hip
SGE-51	Trooper, running with assault rifle
SGE-52	Trooper, standing with assult rifle
SGE-53		Trooper, advancing at high porte
SGE-54		Trooper, standing firing assault rifle
SGE-55		Trooper, standing firing SAW
SGE-56	Officer in cap, carrying ammunition
SGE-57		Trooper, standing, firing missile launcher
SGE-58		Trooper, kneeling, firing missile launcher
SGE-59		Trooper, kneeling, firing assault rifle
SGE-60		Trooper, kneeling with assault rifle
SGE-61	Trooper, kneeling with assault rifle at high porte
SGE-62		Trooper, kneeling with monocular
SGE-63		Officer in helmet, standing
SGE-64		Officer in cap, standing
SGE-65		Political Officer in peaked cap, standing
SGE-66		Officer in cap,standing with machine pistol
SGE-67		Political Officer in peaked cap, with machine pistol
SGE-68		Trooper with Grenade Launcher on groundmount	  £1.95
SGE-69	Trooper, kneeling firing SAW
SGE-70	Trooper, standing in communications helmet
SGE-71		 Dog for Political Officers			       

Other new figures for existing ranges: (OUT NOW)  All 95p each
SGB-09	Indonesian NCO
SGZ-17A New Israeli PIG (plasma gunner)
SGZ-18A New Israeli comms trooper
SGZ-19B New Israeli squad leader (female)
SGO-27A Oceanic Union comms trooper (variant)

VERY NEW - 25mm JAPANESE POWER ARMOUR (available late Sept/early Oct)
All £1.25 each; these look great, and will be very popular!
SGJ-21		Ashigaru Powersuit with rotary cannon
SGJ-22		Ashigaru Powersuit with cannon and twin HV missile pods
SGJ-23		Ashigaru Powersuit with plasma cannon
SGJ-24		Ashigaru Powersuit with grenade launcher
SGJ-26		Samurai Command Powersuit with twin power swords

For those of you who've been following our 15mm versions of the SG
the current list is as follows:

Reaction to our first NEW releases of 15mm SG figures has been
so here's more:
all £2.50 per pack:
All AVAILABLE NOW  unless noted.
SG15-N1 	NSL Armoured Infantry (8 figs)
SG15-F1 	FSE Colonial Legionnaires (8 figs) in helmets
SG15-F2 	FSE Colonial Legionnaires (8 figs) in kepis
SG15-U1 	UNSC Hardsuit Marines (8 figs)
SG15-A1 	NAC Royal Marines in helmets (8 figs)
SG15-A2 	NAC Royal Marines - berets etc (8 figs)
SG15-E1 	ESU Naval Infantry (8 figs)
SG15-E2 	ESU Naval Infantry with camo capes (8 figs)
SG15-K1 	Kra'Vak (alien) Infantry (8 figs)
SG15-A3 	NAC POWER ARMOUR (6 figs)
SG15-N3 	NSL POWER ARMOUR (6 figs)
SG15-E3 	ESU POWER ARMOUR (6 figs)
SG15-F3 	FSE POWER ARMOUR (6 figs)
SG15-J1 	Japanese Corporate Troops (8 figs)
SG15-K2 	Kra'Vak Riding Beast "cavalry" (3 beasts + riders)
SG15-C1 	Colonial Militia troops (8 figs)
And more to come!

Other recent new stuff includes some more Hell's Belles, our new Angel
Warriors (with wings!) and even a couple of new Gentlemens'
Collectables.... <grin>

Much more to come soon - the other big bit of news is that (if all goes
plan) I will at last be having a new member of staff joining me very
shortly - this will hopefully (when he's settled in) free up some of my
time to get stuck into some proper designing and writing again, which I
haven't been able to do much of this year as I've been having to run all
parts of the business single-handed. So, hopefully lots more new stuff
come - watch this space!!

Jon (GZG)

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