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RE: Gencon UK 2000 Results

From: "Steve Gill" <Steve@c...>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 13:04:10 +0100
Subject: RE: Gencon UK 2000 Results

Paul Radford wrote:

> >I had a question about the Circle of Death tournament. It
> sounds like it
> didn't go all that smoothly. Any comments on that?
> Certainly. It could have been a bit of a disaster but it was
> recovered with
> dice rolls.. Firstly, you get a target card for your ship (A)
> and can only
> shoot at that ship (B) as well as the ship (C) that is shooting
> at you. Kill
> the target (B), get their target card and so on. Now what happens if
> kill the ship (C) which is shooting at you before you kill you're
> (B)? That ship (C) is someone elses target (ship D). Does the
> target card
> from C move to D? Thats a bit confusing but i hope you get the idea.

Yup, D gets C's card, thus when a ship is destroyed the ship that was
targeting it gets its target card and still has a target.

> Secondly, two players drew each other as targets. Target cards were
> face down until firing was announced in order to add tension to
> the game.
> This seemed to be a good idea. Nobody knew who was coming for
> them. A drew B
> as a target. B drew A as a target. They can only shoot at each
> other as they
> are both each others target and the ship that is attacking
> them. When one is
> destroyed, the other has no target to fire at because the passing on
> target card means they have to shoot at themself!

Easy enough. Player one is player two's target, player two is player
three's target etc. At beginning of the game (after setup) each player
draws a chit with their player number on. No possibility of drawing each
other and it's still random.

Steve Gill

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