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Re: Star Wars a la Stargrunt?

From: Kevin Balentine <kevinbalentine@y...>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 06:26:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Star Wars a la Stargrunt?

I bought tons of those Micromachines too.  The only
thing to look out for is that the battle pack figures
are roughly 25 mm while the "squad" packs are about
15-20 mm. It doesn't look too bad when you're using
the mounted figs, like the Dewbacks, but the desert
stormtrooper stands a good head and shoulders taller
than the regular stormtrooperers.

We played a scenario last weekend with a platoon of
stormtroopers, one squad mounted on Dewbacks,
attacking a rebel base. The Imps were supported by
naval troops. The Rebels had about two platoons of
infantry and a squad on scout bikes.

We used an Imp shuttle as a landing craft for two
squads of naval troops and had an AT-AT on table.

But you're right about modelling the Rebs vs. the
AT-AT. In the movie, there was nothing the Rebs had
that could penetrate its armor. That kind of puts a
damper on having it on the table. 

In our sceanrio, the Imps wanted to knock out shield
generators while the Rebs were just trying to hold out
until the fleet arrived. 

I like your scenario ideas ... we were talking about
doing a multi-sided battle as well. 

My initial conversion ideas focus on the "blaster"
from the movie. It was essentially a pistol. We played
it with this profile: FP 3, impact d8, first range
band only. Nearly all the weapons we used had impact
d8. For the rifle we used: FP2, impact d8.

We did designate some figs as heavy blasters and
called them FP d8, impact d8*

For the scout bikes I used the mounted troop rules at
Brian's Stargrunt II Page.

For the Dewback troops, we decided they were the
"Power Armor" on the table. They caused terror and
doubled their rolls in close combat.

The game was tons of fun and the table looked awesome.

I hope this post isn't *too* scattered. I just walked
in the office and tried to organize a few thoughts.


--- Mike Stanczyk <> wrote:
> I personally don't have any conversions but if you
> want help working some
> out, count me in.
> Thanks to the clearance sales I have a HUGE
> collection of Micromachine
> Star Wars figures.  I really want to set up a
> senario with all my 
> Stormtroopers on the table.  100+ troopers plus 4
> ATST chicken walkers and
> maybe the 3 3/4 inch figure scaled ATAT...
> "How many Stormtroopers are we facing?"
> "All of them, I think."
> It's funny but the Action Fleet Snow speeders are in
> the right scale for
> attacking the 3 3/4 figure scale ATAT but I can't
> think of a senario where
> the rebel troops have a chance in hell...  I mean
> how do you model the tow
> line attack in StarGrunt?
> I've been thinking about a StarGrunt into battle
> like the ones Dean runs at
> Gencon for Full Thrust.  So far the two ideas I have
> are:
> 1) rescue the snowspeeder pilots.  There's a downed
> snowspeeder on the table,
> beat the Imperials to it and rescue the pilots. 
> Each side starts on an edge.
> Whoever gets the pilots off of thier edge wins.
> 2) Find the droids.  Using the downed escape pod as
> a starting point, find
> the droids that are hiding in the area.  Maybe the
> droids are hiding by
> sniper rules.  Could be a multiplayer games too. 
> SandTroopers, Sandpeople,
> Jawas and maybe local residents. (Using the luke
> skywalker and cantina figures)
> What does the list think?
> Mike
> On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Kevin Balentine wrote:
> > Are there any conversions for Star Wars using
> > Stargrunt rules on the web?
> > 
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