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> We've tried it, liked it

So how complicated is it?  One turn per ten minutes?  I seem to
recall a playing time of about 2 hours listed? (Ah, for those
college days when we could set up Third Reich and leave it set up
for a couple of weeks...)  How suitable is it for PBeM and/or

It's not a complicated game, and while it took my friends a good three
+ to play, that was because only one person had read the rules!!

Actually, I have to sit down and go over the rules again to answer
questions.  It would be suitable for solitare play with some changes. 
game is designed so that all the planets you encounter are already
they either like you, hate you or REALLY hate you.  It has tech levels
(player start at level four, NPC's at level two).  Setup is random,
choice of placement of systems.  For PBeM you could give each player the
setup and dice for the NPC's as the players run into them.

Players build fleet counters and these are moved on a hex grid board. 
composition of a fleet counter is revealed on contact with an opponents
fleet counter.	We would settle combat with FT rather than roll dice on
table, and the points for buying ships could be multiplied by some
(2.5??) to yield FT points.

In the beer session that followed the group was able to come up with
useful ideas for campaign play and settings.

The components are a real knockout.  Clear plastic, full color system
overlays, a beautiful map, foil printed counters (that are actually VERY
useful!!).  Whether I liked the rules or not, I would buy the game for
components alone, and I like the rules.

> and I bought a couple cases to sell
> on the website.  Have to get it posted tho'!!

Not necessarily, just post the price to the list.  I need to buy
some mini's anyway.

OK!  For list members lets make it $40.00


> The components alone make it a sure fire campaign
> system.  It has rules to cover building forces, politics,
> etc., so many of the things you would have to create to
> have a decent campaign are already there.
> KR, Geo-Hex

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