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[FT] Vector v Cinematic Poll Results

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 11:32:31 +1000
Subject: [FT] Vector v Cinematic Poll Results

G'day guys,

 >And another thing. In your poll, Beth....

With that gentle nudge ;)

Both movement styles saw the games end at about the same "thwacked 
point"	(much vapourised and heavies not too healthy).
However as we have probably all guessed by now it happened an awful lot 
faster in vector.
Average game length for vector was 3 turns, with the vast majority
within the range 2-6 and with the very occasional one out at 15+.
Whereas the average cinematic game lasts 7 turns, with most being done
6-10 turns though a fair few last out to 15 turns (you also get the odd
going longer, though you also get the very odd one being as short
as a normal vector game).

 >about how many turns a game lasts in cinematic versus vector,
 >it seems that vector games are shorter once the shooting starts.
 >I suspect that vector games get ships "mixing it up" more readily.

Very very true by the looks of it.

 >As such, I would argue that missing a firing opportunity is
 >MORE of an issue in vector than cinematic.

Yep. While denying fire is always an important issue I'd say it hurts 
more/faster in vector especially if you can make it the turn they would 
have had a solid opening fire on you (playing catch up, damage-wise, is
lot harder in vector by the looks).

 >I haven't played enough vector to know, but it would seem that
 > you could make single fire arc ships hurt with proper planning
 >and movement, even in vector.

That's what I reckon at least ;)

Have fun


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