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Re: FB2 SV Drone Question

From: Brian Bell <bkb@b...>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 21:21:31 -0400
Subject: Re: FB2 SV Drone Question

After re-reading the rules, I believe I found the sections of rules
on p. 23):
"Each womb can grow (or launch) one 6-drone group at a time...A Drone
takes 1 turn to grow a drone group and a second to launch it...While the

womb is occupied by any drones (whether being grown, reabsorbed, or held

ready for launch) it may not do anything else...Creating drones uses
points...these power points must be allocated to the Repair (R) pool at
start of the turn, and the growing of the drones must be noted in the 
ship's orders for the turn."

Again, I see that it could be argued three ways:
1) It takes a turn to grow drones and it must be noted during the orders

phase of the turn, so if there are drones in the womb any time during
turn, no drones can be grown (i.e. takes a FULL turn to grow drones).
2 turn to grow and launch each flight of drones.
2) Drones are grown in the repair phase, so as long as there are no
in the womb during the repair phase, drones can be launched and then
in the same turn. Takes 1 turn to grow the initial flight of drones, but

then can launch and grow a flight of drones each turn.
3) It takes a full turn to grow drones (from repair phase to repair
So drones are not fully formed until the repair phase, and may not
until the following turn.

I think that #1 fits the spirit of the rule better, but can see each of
Both #2 and #3 use the fact that drones are grown in the repair phase to

make thier point (opposite sides of the same coin).

At 22:01 2000-06-08 +0200, you wrote:
>Bell, Brian K wrote
> >"...Each womb can grow (or launch) one 6-drone group at a time." [p.
> >23 FB2]
> >
> >Can a Drone Womb store more than one drone group for launch at a
> >later time?
>No. IIRC they can launch one group and immediately start to grow a new
>one (launch in the Movement phase, growth in the Repair/Turn End phase
>when the womb is empty), but don't quote me on that.
> >If it is no, then the SV ship in Oerjan's statement would take 6
> >launch 12 fighter group (since it can only grow or launch, not both
> >turn).
>It would, yes. Jon?
>Oerjan Ohlson
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