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Re: "Custom" fleets

From: stiltman@t...
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 17:22:52 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: "Custom" fleets

> G'day,
>  >Not a relevant argument.  If you play floating edge, you're _still_
>  >for people to bore you to death with keepaway.
> Its just as boring for the either guy, which is why it don't happen
> least not down here). Why take part in it when you could just stop and
> them come back to you? Further, having a floating map increases the
> (for me), because it increases your opportunities and challenges. You
> sit in a corner with the long range weapon from hell, because
> either going to play chicken with you (as there's not threat of
> into the edge of the world at massive speed) or swing out round you
and hit 
> you from both sides at once.
> Guess its about time I just agreed to disagree with you on that one
mate ;)

Well, I guess it's sort of six of one and half a dozen of the other.

We simply don't have people deliberately try to abuse the borders.  We
enforce an edge, but we do so because we expect people to stay near the
and fight.  Which is, in practice, what we do.	If people were to
turn to put the edge of the table at their back and fire a one-arc
at people, we'd probably start shifting the house rules to decree that
flown off the map even if they were technically on it, because this sort
nonsense just isn't done in our games.	The fixed edge is there to
people from getting too ridiculous in their movements, not to encourage

On the other hand, I've seen both Oerjan and Noam suggest with a
straight face
that someone make a strategy out of using a long-range beam and abuse
floating edge to ping away at people.
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