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Re: Sa'Vasku starbases

From: kaime@m...
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 15:59:58 -0400
Subject: Re: Sa'Vasku starbases


I fairly new to Full Thrust and Dirtside but I'm hitting the ground
here in Atlanta with a Sa'Vasku fleet.	I also enjoy Kr'Vak, NSL, and
working on a custom Independent Mars nation, rebel colonies.  But the
Sa'Vasku are my main fleet and loving to make 'space terrain' and
conversions I started thinking about the idea of a Sa'Vasku star base
other Sa'Vasku unique 'terrain.'

I was thinking about if the Sa'Vasku would even make these since each
might be considered an individual creature.  But like a queen bee of
or even a tree, a Sa'Vasku star base might be an almost immobile
but still central creature to the race.  By central, these star bases
be nodes to a hive mind or feeding grounds / hospitals / shipyards of
(see below.)

The weapons and fighter scheme of the Sa'Vasku would make the star base
impressive and perfect for defense of a world.	I think it would be
reasonable for the Sa'Vasku to have them, but they would most likely
have them in combat in rare cases.  At least in my mind I see Sa'Vasku
aggressors against the humans so their star bases would not be seen as
as say a human star base.

These Sa'Vasku star bases might be places where the other ships are
grown/born, almost like a ship yard but with huge wombs.  This would
for an interesting mission for a human fleet to enter a system to fight
a star base creature to cripple her (destroy the shipyard.)  Plus there
might be young ships there ready to fight for their 'mother' which is
Sa'Vasku star base.

'Brood Bitch'

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From: Roger Books <>
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Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 2:09 PM
Subject: Sa'Vasku starbases

>I hadn't thought about it much, but an immobile Sa'Vasku starbase
>is the only one I've seen with a chance of working.  You aren't
>going to outrange it, SMs can be made fairly useless, it can generate

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