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Re: [OT] Suggested Sci-Fi

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 23:08:56 -0400
Subject: Re: [OT] Suggested Sci-Fi

Read and enjoyed Europa strike despite the nauseating gung ho
"marines-are-true blue-hard rocks-must always do what's right stuff
crap" that's on just about every other page. Makes me think the author
actually believes all that stuff.


Laserlight wrote:

> >Try the Heritage Trilogy by "Ian Douglas" (actually William H.
> Keith) -
> >Semper Mars, Luna Marine and the latest, Europa Strike. Good
> >thud-and-blunder combat SF in the near future (mid 21st
> Century), all in
> >Sol system, rather jingoistic "US Marines against the rest of
> the world"
> >stuff but a good fun read nonetheless. All out now from
> Avon/EOS. Very good
> >for ideas on vacuum and low-G combat.....
> >
> >Jon (GZG)
> Bought Lunar Marine on Jon's recommendation, read it in 24
> hours, no deep philosophy here but pretty good.  Back to Barnes
> & Noble for Europa Strike.

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